Get Traffic - a comprehensive SEO and digital marketing course

Posted by Wordtracker on 15 Apr, 2015
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A comprehensive SEO and online marketing course from Wordtracker

Everybody wants to drive more traffic to their site - but not everybody remembers that that ‘traffic’ is actually visits to your site from real people who are looking for a solution to a problem, be that a product or service they’re looking for, or simply the answer to a question.

Get Traffic is a comprehensive six-week course which will teach you (from the very basics) how to optimize your site, both on and off the page, so that you can attract those visits to your site that will lead to a growth in audience, engagement and sales.

With articles, webinars, and one-to-one advice from the Wordtracker team, who have over twenty years’ combined experience behind them, you’ll learn about:

  • How the search engines work
  • Setting up a site from scratch
  • Working with Wordpress (like millions of other site owners)
  • Effective keyword research, and how to implement that work
  • Organizing your content in the best way
  • How to interpret and manage your link profile
  • Understanding the code behind the web
  • Reading and understanding your website analytics
  • Using social media to its best effect

If you’re not a Wordtracker subscriber already, you’ll also get a year’s subscription to the Keyword tool along with the course so that you’ll have constant access to our independent keyword data.

The course is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their site’s rankings in the natural search listings, as well as more experienced SEOs who are keen to refine their own skills and strategies.

It’s also perfect for anyone who hires SEO services. Having an understanding of what an agency or individual is actually doing to your website has a massive benefit, and enables you to have a much more meaningful relationship with those people - and you’ll feel more in control because you’ll be able to more clearly understand the actions they take and the reasons behind them.  

Our teachers

Mal Darwen

Mal has worked in Customer Support and Product Management with Wordtracker since 2008, and as well as speaking at conferences about keyword tools and keyword research, has provided training to hundreds of Wordtracker users.


Owen Powis

Owen is Wordtracker’s CEO, and has ten years’ direct digital marketing experience with a strong bias towards SEO, dealing with clients ranging from SMEs to large blue chip organisations.


Edith MacLeod

Edith has been providing support, training and advice to Wordtracker customers for over seven years. Her previous experience includes working at the BBC on projects to set up searchable databases and tailored electronic news services, as well as a series of overseas placements.


Jo Cameron

Leading Wordtracker’s weekly newsletter, blog and social media channels, Jo has worked with Wordtracker since 2011. Her experience in online marketing includes her own craft business, and her background in managing small business CMS has brought invaluable insight into the company.


This six week course will teach and guide you through the processes you’ll need to create and maintain an effective marketing campaign for your site, whether you’re selling holidays or history lessons. You can benefit from these sessions if you’re a novice,  or if you already have some experience, so come and check out Get Traffic now!


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