About Wordtracker

Back in 1998 Google was still in Beta, there was no web of things and the internet was still something that only a few people had access to. Back then Search Engine Optimisation didn’t really exist. Keyword research wasn’t a concept people were familiar with.

This is when Wordtracker was started by Mike and Andy Mindel. The aim was to offer reports on the terms people used in search engines.

Since then we have grown and like Search Engine Optimisation itself we have changed. Along the way we have developed some of the core concepts of Keyword Research, such as KEI, and we have continued to contribute to the industry through our online resources.

We believe that the internet becomes a better place when businesses can effectively engage with their audiences. What we aim to do is facilitate this by uncovering the true language of the market. Know how your audience talks, and communicate with them better.

Our core focus is, and should be, offering the best keyword data possible. This data can be accessed directly via our API, Keyword Research tool and Reports. All of these have recently been redesigned with the latest web technologies, making them quicker and more stable than ever before.

We are based in London and if you’re ever in the area you should give a us a tweet, we’re not shy and are always keen to meet people who use our tools and services. In fact we embrace getting feedback of any kind so please do get in touch.