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Posted by Jo Cameron on 29 Oct, 2014
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The impending Twitpic closure, Google Inbox, Rooms for communities and crafty costume ideas.

You’ve probably heard about Twitpic's impending closure following a trademark dispute. As of the 25th Oct it appears that Twitter will take over the domain and archive, the site will then remain in read-only mode. Christina Warren’s article for Mashable on the topic is certainly worth a read.

I'm happy to announce we've reached an agreement with Twitter to give them More here:

— TwitPic (@TwitPic) October 25, 2014

TechCrunch spoke to product manager Josh Miller about Facebook’s new forums app Rooms which draws from Miller’s fond memories of early Internet communities drawn together around topics rather than your contact list. Miller explains:

“From geeking out about “Game Of Thrones” to creating a safe space for cancer survivors to support one another, Rooms is designed to spawn communities around whatever subjects people want”

Has anyone tested out Google Inbox yet? The email app prioritizes time sensitive emails, categorises similar messages and lets you add reminders. If so, you’ll want to read these tips from Gizmodo.

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 14.55.26.png

There is not long now to get your costume sorted, so the app of the week is Craftsy, saving the day with some last minute Halloween costumes, if these seem a bit advanced, don’t worry there are plenty of ideas to inspire costumes sans sewing machine.

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 14.47.06.png

Image from Mashable, originally from

The weekend is fast approaching - so stick some toy snakes in your hair and ready your pumpkin paring knife!

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