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Posted by Wordtracker on 18 Jul, 2014
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After ten years, we've taken the decision to close the free keyword tool.

Goodbye free keywords tool

Everything has a lifespan, and that includes our free keyword tool, which we’ve provided in varying forms for tens of thousands of users over the past few years.

You may have read that we’ve upgraded our subscription tool in the past few months. We have new data, a new interface and new subscription plans, which allows us to provide a better, more flexible service than ever before to our subscribers.

The flip side to this is that it’s now not possible for us to continue to maintain our free servicet. While it’s proven to be very popular with a great many people, we’ve had to take the difficult decision to close the free tool 4 weeks from now.

Where am I going to go for my keywords?

It’s not all bad news. We do show a limited version of the tool on our home page.

free tool Wordtracker home page

You can use it to get a few ideas straight from our Global database - it’s very easy to use, and you'll get the top ten Global results for any seed you enter.

keyword research on Wordtracker's home page

...but that’s not going to give you the full-fat version of the tool, or of the data - the best way to get this (absolutely free) is to sign up to the subscription tool. There’s a 7 day trial which costs nothing at all, and offers all of the features (saving and managing keywords, segmentation by time and country, filtering and more) in a completely unrestricted way. Depending on the subscription level you choose, you can get up to 10,000 keywords from any search - that’s a hundred times more than in the free tool, giving you really detailed access to the long tail, which you’d never have seen there. There's a quick overview that you can read at to give you an idea of what you can really achieve with the upgraded system.

Our support team are knowledgeable, friendly and responsive, and any questions you have about the tool will be quickly answered so that you can get on with your research and find the keywords that will attract the targeted traffic that you’re looking for.

We’ll be emailing everyone who’s used the free tool with an offer very soon, so keep an eye on your inbox for this opportunity to check out our upgraded Keyword tool. Of course, if you have any questions about this, please just drop us a line at

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