Stuff we like 9 January 2014

Posted by Saby Salvatierra on 9 Jan, 2014
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The ultimate trivia app 'QuizUp', 10 SEO New Years resolutions, a Google penalty for Rap Genius and the Yahoo malware attack. Here's what the Wordtracker office have been reading this week.

Oh dear, It hasn’t been a great start to the year for Yahoo. Last week many visitors received a malware attack from yahoo ads. Unfortunately, 27,000 infections occurred every hour and heavy affected Romania, Great Britain and France. If you were around North America, Latin America and the Asia Pacific region then you were not affected. Yahoo updated users by stating that malicious ads were served between December 31 - January 3 and Mac users and mobiles devices were not affected.

Over at Search Engine Watch, Grant Simmons welcomes 2014 with his 10 SEO New Year resolutions. I thoroughly enjoyed his fun take on the most popular New Years resolutions through an SEO lens. An overall great SEO motivator for 2014 and my favorite has to be “Get your site fit, lose excess code weight”. Will you be following his strategy?

Fan of the popular lyric site Rap Genius? Over the holidays, we were disappointed to hear that the site was caught for a sketchy attempt at growth hacking. The foul play included using a link scheme disguised as an “affiliate” program to heighten their ranking - even adding links to pages for songs from Justin Bieber's, Journals album, in hopes to scam their way to the top searches for Bieber’s new lyrics. After apologising to Google, fans and serving a 10 day penalty, Rap Genius are now back on Google. What are your opinions on their light slap on the wrist?

My app of the week goes out to ‘QuizUp’. A friend introduced the real-time trivia game to me over the holiday period and I love it. What’s so special about it? Well, you can challenge your friends and connect with others around the world. There are over 150,000 questions and 280 topics ranging from your favorite TV shows to flags. One reviewer posted “All the addictive qualities of a good app with half the guilt." I completely agree, compared to Candy Crush I can justify becoming hooked, as at least i’m testing my knowledge. Give it a whirl, you can blame me if you get addicted.

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