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Posted by Hal MacDermot on 5 Nov, 2013
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What are the top keywords people are using to search your markets? Wordtracker's Hal MacDermot discusses the benefits and where you can now find keyword reports from over 200+ territories.

What are the top keywords people are using to search your markets? What searches are trending in the US, UK, or globally? What is the true language of your market? To uncover these answers and more, we’ve now made our Top Keywords Reports instantly available on our website.

To make things even easier, and so you get to choose exactly how you want your report to look, we’ve made the report web page fully interactive. You choose the country, month and keyword results level, and we deliver your insightful keywords report, instantly.

The powerful segmentation in our Top Keywords Reports allows you to get right down into the detail. You can choose a keywords report from over 200 countries and territories, and you can also segment your report by time-period, with data available monthly as far back as July. Reports vary in size and we’ve made it so that you get to choose the size that suits your needs, with levels of 10, 20 and 100 thousand keywords. Our standard reports are all available from the website, with prices starting at a very affordable US $69.

Each instantly available report comes with a full range of key metrics including, volume, KEI, Competition, IAAT and IT.

The Keywords Reports are instantly available, but if you need to get into advanced segmentation, even greater in-depth insight and an incredible level of actionable results, then we also offer a full range of customized keyword reports. Our custom reports provide you with detailed information on up to 350 million keywords, and you can slice and dice the Big Data time-periods by week, or even down to the hour. Both the regular and the custom reports are powered by our huge database of 3.5 billion searches.

If you need independent keyword insights to spot new business opportunities, understand your market, and better reach out to potential customers, it’s time to explore our powerful new Keywords Reports.

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