Wordtracker has a new CEO

Posted by Owen Powis on 22 May, 2014
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Wordtracker changes ahead

You’ve probably noticed some changes taking place at Wordtracker. Those changes are happening within the Wordtracker team as well, with our new CEO.

Mike Mindel has been with the company since he founded it alongside his brother Andy it back in 1998. In internet years that’s a couple of millenia. Undertaking various different guises in his time here Mike has worked as Developer, CTO and for the last 2 years he’s been heading up the team as CEO:

“When we look back at that first nugget of an idea for Wordtracker in 1996, I'm glad Andy and I stuck with it. Keywords, aka the searches people perform every day, have been both a powerful way to connect with the conversations in the marketplace as well as discover what that marketplace really wants and needs. With recent developments by Google, the importance of those keyword conversations have been downplayed but are no less important now than they ever were.” 

Mike Mindel

Founder, Wordtracker

In that time Wordtracker has undergone quite the transformation, and with the transformation nearly complete it’s a great time for someone new to step up. That’s where I come in, having worked within Wordtracker for three years and having been part of that redevelopment.

I started at Wordtracker as an SEO Consultant, quickly moving to Product Manager to help feed expertise into our products. Last year I took up the position of COO, working to help develop the new business strategy.

As Mike finds new adventures I am pleased to be taking on the role of CEO. With experience working across the digital marketing space I am truly excited to be able to channel that experience into how we work as a company.

As Search continues to grow in importance so does the awareness of SEO and digital marketing as a whole. The landscape also continues to change, with new laws being passed and the giants of the industry constantly changing the goal posts. One thing throughout this remains static, we all retrieve information from the web in the same basic way. That method of interaction is still by typing a few words, representative of what we want to achieve, into a search box.

Whilst the parameters may change; the type of search queries we use is evolving and the way those queries are evaluated is constantly updated, the basic functionality of searching for information remains the same. As long as this is the case, we will be there to tell you what people are looking for on the web, and connecting you with the language of your market.

With new tools such as Wordtracker Scout and our redeveloped Keyword Tool this can be achieved quicker, easier and more effectively than ever before. We are intent on making the best tools and user experience for our customers. Our new website, blog and tools are great examples of that in action.

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