Twitter redesign, #freetoolfriday, and more

Posted by Jo Cameron on 12 Nov, 2014
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This week we've seen a change to Twitter's compose tweet field, a nice shout out to Wordtracker Scout and a tool to deregister from iMessage.

How are you finding Twitter’s redesign? I tend to feel slightly uncomfortable when searching and publishing fields are too close. The change is noted by Danny Sullivan to now have a call to action which is similar to Facebook’s probing “What’s on your mind?”.

Perhaps considering the social media giant’s revenue “Penny for your thoughts?” might be more appropriate.

Our Scout tool was featured as part of SourceCon’s Free Tool Friday series. Scout plugs into your Chrome browser and creates word clouds from website copy. If you haven’t tried it yet give it a go. I like to use it to uncover the language of Twitter feeds. I’ll search a term I’m interested in and run the Scout tool on the results (you can see all this searching leads to my concern above!).

Here is a Scout word cloud for ‘free tool friday’:

Dean DeCosta previously featured CircleCount, another Chrome extension, which gives you insight into G+ profiles. I’m looking forward to seeing what free tools he throws at us next!

Apple have now made it easier to deregister from iMessage. This means it’s now a little bit easier to switch to an android device and continue to receive messages.

Do you think this is enough? It would be nice if this was automatic as many people might not realise that when they ditch their iphone their friends’ iMessages will become the virtual equivalent of the letters that old fellow posted in the doggy poo bin for 2 years. :-(

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