Stuff we like 26 September 2013

Posted by Saby Salvatierra on 26 Sep, 2013
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This week’s big news has been all about Google extending secure search to 100% organic searches. Thom Craver was one of the first to report on the problems this will pose to search marketers. The good news is that any keyword research with Wordtracker, will not (not) be impacted - our database is completely independent of Google. Read more about what it all means in our post Hey Google, why did you turn the lights out?

Whilst browsing the web about the issue, we came across the “Not Provided" stunt by Powerhouse Fitness. they welcome "Protein 100% not provided." In their words -“We thought we would put together this exclusive offer just for them (Google.) We have created a (not provided) style product that will help you (not provided) for longer by enhancing your (not provided) function.” Great job guys!

In more Google news, Google turns 15 this month and shared this timeline as part of their celebrations. They took the occasion to announce more features for their Knowledge Graph, including Comparisons and Filters. To try this out, type “compare butter with olive oil” into the search bar.

We also heard the interesting news that New York has been punishing some of the SEO companies behind fake online reviews. It was announced that the Attorney General’s office posed as the owners of a Brooklyn yogurt shop will the goal to up their online ranking. 19 companies went for the bait when they agreed to manipulating sites like Yelp, Google Local and CitySearch - the companies are now facing more than $350,000 in fines.

Another week at the office and more apps on my radar - this time Andy (company co-founder) recommended a couple of cool apps that he personally uses and loves.

The first one is Pocket - it’s basically a bookmark/folder that’s integrated with 300 apps. If you find content you like for example JAY Z ft Justin Timberlake's Holy Grail music video, just click, save for later, then you can view it when you're ready - no need for an internet connection.

Have you all met Alfred? Well, Alfred is one of Alex’s (one of our developers) top picks. The app is a newbie for me, but after having a tour of what the app has to offer - it’s clear why he likes it. No need to waste time searching for files - it provides you with hotkeys, keywords and file actions right at your fingertips!

See you next week!

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