How to find the best keywords

The Wordtracker Keywords Tool helps you to grow your business and multiply your profits.

  • Get keyword results you can trust
  • Save time
  • Boost your search engine rankings
  • Discover profitable new market niches
  • Attract targeted, profitable traffic to your site

The Wordtracker Keywords Tool is the industry standard for keyword research today, and is trusted by SEO professionals and online marketers around the world.

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“One of my favorite keyword tools is Wordtracker. For most any term, it gives you 200-300 related words and phrases that real people have recently typed into search engines. Wordtracker gives you profitable keywords you'd never have thought of on your own.”
Perry Marshall headshot Perry Marshall Best-selling author and leading authority on Google advertising

The Wordtracker Advantage

The Wordtracker Keywords tool delivers an SEO edge that free tools cannot give. Quite simply, it's the most authoritative keywords tool on the Web. If you want to generate more targeted traffic and multiply your profits, Wordtracker is here for you.

Here's how we deliver your SEO edge:

  • Keyword results based on real searches by real people
  • Keywords that customers use when they are ready to buy
  • A database you can trust
  • Direct access to the very latest data
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Keyword research no longer has to consume hours of your time.

Through Wordtracker's simple and intuitive interface, you can generate thousands of keywords in a matter of minutes. That means getting your keyword research done faster – and putting the results to work sooner.

Time saving graphic

Keyword research no longer has to involve guesswork.

When it comes to improving your web visibility, simply guessing what your target audiences are looking for online is not likely to get you very far. Successful SEO campaigns are based on facts – real consumer search behavior.

Wordtracker digs deep to uncover the terms your customers are really using on the web, so you can learn to “speak their search language.” Our robust platform allows you to cherry-pick the best keywords from over 320 million Wordtracker keywords and 95 million search engine keywords powered by our partners at SEMrush.

With Wordtracker, you're going to get better results from your SEO efforts

Here are four reasons why:

  • 1

    Simply put, Wordtracker's vast database gives you more keywords

    So you have more opportunities to attract new customers or discover fruitful new markets.

    Our tool produces 2,000 relevant keywords in a single search, while Google's free keywords tool only lets you generate 200.

  • 2

    Wordtracker takes the pain (and the spreadsheets) out of keyword research

    By helping you easily organize your information. You can access your data from any connected computer or device, at any time, anywhere in the world.

  • 3

    Wordtracker gives you valuable competitive data

    So you can narrow down your keyword list to those high-potential terms that are most likely to bring you favorable results.

  • 4

    The Wordtracker Keywords Tool comes with world-class support

    In the form of free training videos, webinars, articles, e-books, and more.

    This empowers you to save even more time and get the most business value from our tool.

That's how confident we are that Wordtracker is the most reliable and effective keyword research tool on the market today.

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“We could not get the traffic increases we've had without doing a fairly good job of optimizing our site for the terms that people are searching for. That optimization starts with keyword research. Over the last 4 years Wordtracker has by far been our most valuable keyword research tool.”
Mike DeTuncq headshot Mike DeTuncq President/CEO,

What can you do with Wordtracker?

Wordtracker Keyword Tool screengrab

Benefit #1

Simplify key SEO tasks

In today's ultra-competitive business world, productivity is key. Wordtracker gives you enhanced tools to make your keyword research faster, easier, and more effective. That means you can drive your website's performance without sacrificing a substantial amount of your time.

With the Wordtracker Keywords Tool, you can:

  • Generate thousands of high-performing keywords in minutes.
  • Build and save projects and lists quickly.
  • Instantly measure the level of serious competition for over 320 million keywords in Wordtracker's database.
  • Write SEO optimized copy for your website pages with high performing keywords.

With the Wordtracker Keywords Tool, you can store an unlimited number of projects – ideal if you're a business running several campaigns or an agency serving multiple clients.

Benefit #2

Dig deeper for high-value keywords

To get the maximum results from your SEO investment, you have to target the keywords in the long tail – not just the popular few.

By “long tail”, we're referring to the typically longer keyword phrases that are very specific to what your website is selling and what people are looking for. These phrases differ from the more basic, primary keywords that are heavily searched.

The long tail of keyword research is critical to your online success. Because they have less competition from other websites, long tail keywords give you a much better chance of ranking highly in the search engines. And for every keyword you rank for, you'll get more customers, more sales, and more revenue.

As an added bonus, the people who search online using long tail keywords are far more likely to become buyers. These specific keywords trigger significantly higher conversions than general terms and phrases.

Since Wordtracker gives you thousands of keywords for every search, you can dig much deeper into the long tail of a primary phrase.

Keyword list screengrab

Benefit #3

Identify and target profitable niche markets

Keyword research not only tells you exactly what people are looking for online; it also helps you assess the size and potential of the market for any particular product or service.

Successful online marketers prove time and again that the Internet is still ripe with untapped niche opportunities. The more keywords generated by a keyword research tool, the more chances you have of uncovering these opportunities.

Once again, since Wordtracker's Keywords Tool gives you 2,000 keywords in a single search, you'll be uniquely positioned to diversify your online marketing and target exciting new customer segments.

Benefit #4

Keep tabs on your competitors

Keywords with a high search volume and a low level of competition can bring you a quick (and substantial) return on your investment. But without an accurate measure of competition for a particular phrase or term, you simply don't get the full picture.

The Wordtracker Keywords Tool has two metrics which let you uncover worthy keywords that are both popular and have a low level of competition:

  • 1


    Instantly measures the level of serious competition for over 320 million keywords in Wordtracker's database.

    Find out how difficult it is to get on to the first page of Google's results – those are the pages you must beat to get search engine traffic.

    Keywords tool competition column example screengrab
  • 2

    KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index)

    Is a keyword really worth targeting? Use KEI to hone in on keywords with high traffic and low competition. These are the moneymaking niches that will help your business thrive.

    Keywords tool KEI column example screengrab

Benefit #5

Target more moneymaking keywords with our Related Keywords function

When you use Wordtracker to burrow into the long tail of a keyword, you get the most popular phrases that contain the seed keyword.

In other words, a search on the term organic would include results such as organic food, organic gardening, organic farming and so on.

But related keywords are different – they don't always include the original seed keyword. For example, a related keyword search for eyeglasses will return keywords such as sunglasses, contact lenses, frames, bifocals and even brand names like Ray-ban.

All great ideas for generating domain names, new product ideas, and captivating website content.

The Wordtracker Keywords Tool offers you more related keywords than any other tool – up to 300 per search, as a matter of fact.

This enables you to glean the most value out of every single term or phrase.

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Benefit #6

Enjoy world-class support

When you're navigating the complex world of search marketing, it helps to have a reliable network of expert resources right at your fingertips.

Subscribe to the Wordtracker Keywords Tool and you'll get the best service and support available, including:

  • Live chat or a call with a member of our knowledgeable support team.
  • Free online training videos.
  • A weekly webinar introducing you to the tool and its features.
  • A wealth of how-to articles and advice in our free Wordtracker Academy.

At Wordtracker, our business is to help your business succeed. That's why we provide live support as well as ample access to information that helps you get the most out of your keyword research.

Wordtracker's Keywords Tool is designed to help you do the following:

  • Simplify important SEO tasks.
  • Avoid wasting time doing unfocused keyword research.
  • Find more of the keywords that can make you money.
  • Pinpoint exactly which keywords you should use in your marketing.
  • Discover new markets and opportunities.
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Why is Wordtracker different?

While free keyword research tools like Google's may be useful for “quick and dirty” keyword searches, they won't give you the penetrating insights you need to generate more traffic, outperform your competitors, and multiply your profits.

Wordtracker empowers you with information and guidance to help you maximize every facet of your SEO efforts. So you not only save time and money – you enjoy a far more substantial return on your online marketing investment.

Reasons why you should subscribe to Wordtracker today

  • 1

    The web waits for no-one

    The Internet isn't getting any less crowded. And each day you're not implementing smart SEO practices means another customer lost to one of your competitors.

    Another sale, gone. Can you really afford to wait another minute to integrate high-traffic, high-profit keywords into your campaigns?

  • 2

    You'll get your work done faster

    Time is a precious commodity these days. The Wordtracker Keywords Tool helps you find keywords more quickly and organize your work. No more reams of spreadsheets or data spread across multiple programs.

    All of your actionable keyword data is finally in one centralized spot.

  • 3

    A Wordtracker subscription can easily pay for itself

    Consider the staying power of a sound SEO strategy. Unlike advertising, SEO is a long-term investment that will continue to bring you traffic and sales for years into the future.

    So it's easy to see how even a few well-chosen keywords can bring you a return on your investment, and then some.

  • 4

    There's no risk

    You have nothing to lose when you sign up for a Wordtracker subscription. For our monthly plan, you can cancel at any time. Our annual subscription plan comes with our 30-Day Hassle-Free Guarantee. Here's how it works: if in 30 days you don't feel our premium tool has brought you real value, we'll give you every penny back that you paid - no question asked.

That's how confident we are that Wordtracker is the most reliable and effective keyword research tool on the market today.

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“Wordtracker is a wonderful keyword research tool. Not only does is show you what people are searching for, it gives you tons of suggestions for keyword phrases and computes how much competition you might face for you selected terms. If you want more traffic to your site or just want to better understand what your market is looking for you should explore Wordtracker.”
John Jantsch headshot John Jantsch Duct Tape Marketing