Stuff we like 12 September 2013

Posted by Saby Salvatierra on 12 Sep, 2013
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Matt Cutts told it straight in his latest YouTube video on what to do if you think your site's been badly hit by Panda. The core message is that you need to produce high quality, unique and compelling content to the standard of a published book or magazine.

If you're as big a fan of Instagram as me, then you may be interested to know that Instagram has reached 150 million active users a month! They just seem to be growing and growing, especially since they began competing with Vine with their short clip videos.

On that note, we were all waiting to see who would be the first to pull off a Vine TV advert...and the winner goes to Dunkin' Donuts for airing a 5 second comic commercial during Monday night's football on ESPN.

If you’re a Google Webmaster Tools user then you’ll be pleased to know that today Google announced that their link data within the Tool is going to be a lot broader and diverse. We’re pleased to hear that the update will be giving a helping hand to the clean up of any bad linking practices.

A few weeks ago we mentioned Evernote as an office favorite. Looks like the pen and paper are getting reinvented too, with Paperback adhesive notes for iPhone.

If you were a fan of Google Alerts via RSS/feed then you’ll be happy to hear that after 2 months of a disappearance, the option has now returned.

More from Apple land and we're loving the sound of the iPhone 5S, especially the cool new features like the Touch ID fingerprint scanner! There's also a rumor going around about Apple testing screen sizes between 4.8 inches to 6 inches. - I wonder if that's too much of a Samsung copycat.

If you have recently finished university like me, then the thought of your student debt must be making you want to cry inside! After seeing Mashable's hilarious student loan infographic about the11 ridiculous things you could buy with your student debt you'll start thinking differently...It's definitely one that made me laugh! My personal favorite is the 170,000 feet of bubble wrap - imagine all the fun you could have with that!

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