Meet our team of Wordtracker bloggers.

  • Amanda DiSilvestro

    Amanda DiSilvestro gives small business and entrepreneurs SEO advice ranging from keyword density to recovering from Panda and Penguin updates. She writes for the nationally recognized SEO agency that offers online marketing services to a wide range of companies across the country.

  • Matthew Barby

    Matthew Barby is a digital marketing consultant from the UK and manages digital strategy at Wyatt International.

    You can follow Matt on Twitter and Google+

  • Mike Mindel

    Mike Mindel is CEO and co-founder of Wordtracker.

    He is also the co-founder of, a lead generation and niche e-commerce company.

    Mike has over 14 years technical experience, along with keen interests in marketing and film-making; co-producing the the psychological horror film Don't Let Him In in 2012.

    He has also helped develop and promote the Wam Bam Club - London's largest burlesque cabaret show.

  • Heather Lloyd-Martin

    Heather Lloyd-Martin is the owner of SuccessWorks SEO Copywriting and has been teaching people how to write great content for over 14 years. Her SEO Copywriting Certification training is the only industry-endorsed Certification training program teaching SEO copywriting best practices.

  • Judith Lewis

    Judith Lewis reports for Technology Weekly, blogs for SEO Chicks and reviews chocolate and chocolate related things on Mostly About Chocolate. You can tweet questions to her at or ask her in person at SES London, ThinkVisibility or sascon.

  • Eric Enge

    Eric is the CEO of Stone Temple Consulting, and has more than 30 years experience in the high technology market. His career began as a software engineer, but he has focused on the field of SEO since 2002. Eric is a frequent speaker at industry conferences about SEO and Social Media. You can follow him on G+ or Twitter.

    He also publishes articles frequently on both topics, including Search Engine Land where is a regular columnist and publishes a well known blog that interviews industry leaders.

  • Michael David

    Michael David is the author of WordPress 3 Search Engine Optimization on Packt Publishing and the Founder of Austin-based search marketing agency Tasty Placement.

  • Sean D'Souza

    Sean D'Souza is an expert on sales psychology and marketing tactics. His highly-recommended Psychotactics newsletter and website offer a wealth of easy to understand free articles and downloads. He's also the author of The Secret Life of Testimonials and Client Attractors

  • Eric Siu

    Eric Siu is the Chief Operating Officer at San Francisco based digital marketing agency Single Grain. He also interviews successful entrepreneurs weekly at Growth Everywhere.

  • Shane Russo

    Shane Russo is an enthusiastic writer who enjoys covering the world of business technology and content marketing strategies. Through his writing, he is able to educate small businesses and fellow entrepreneurs about the tools they need to be successful.
  • Marc Purtell

    Marc Purtell is director of SEO at performance marketing company Matomy Media Group and its SEO ingredient service, Matomy SEO. He can be reached at
  • Gareth Davies

    Gareth Davies has worked in online marketing and ecommerce since 2002. He is the author of two eBooks, and currently runs the agency AMZPro which specializes in Amazon marketing and SEO. Follow him on Twitter @GarethGSINC

  • Andrew Tipp

    Andrew Tipp writes on behalf of email marketing company little green plane, an industry leader and provider of award-winning software, campaigns and services. Andrew is a blogger, editor and presenter, a director of youth media organization IP1, and has previously worked in PR, communications and social media for travel social network

  • Hal MacDermot

    is Content and Community Manager at Wordtracker. He has also worked in digital advertising, content strategy and social media. In former lives, Hal spent time in TV production in LA, and as a film journalist. Hal enjoys cooking and camping trips to the Wilderness. You'll find a fuller profile on Google+ or LinkedIn

  • Wordtracker

    We provide information and education, keyword research and digital marketing apps, as well as support and help when you need it.
  • Nick Usborne

    Nick Usborne is a leading authority on the subject of writing for the web, and has been since 1995. As a speaker, trainer and consultant he has worked with dozens of companies and organizations, including Yahoo!, J Paul Getty Trust, Intuit, Walt Disney Attractions, Merck & Co, the National Cancer Institute and many more.

    In addition to writing and copywriting work for his clients, he is the author of numerous articles, programs and books. He also coaches freelancers who want to build a bigger and better business. You can learn more about his work on writing for the web, and freelancing, at

  • Adam Riemer

    Adam Riemer is a long time Affiliate and also runs Adam Riemer Marketing which is a leading ethical Affiliate Management company and specializes in adware and affiliate theft removal, SEO and helping companies grow through ethical marketing and conversion/monetization optimization strategies. You can reach him through his blog or on Twitter.

  • Justin Deaville

    Justin Deaville is Managing Director at digital marketing agency He was CEO at Wordtracker from 2011-2012.

    Justin works with a variety of clients including online gift specialists Presents for Men, call tracking firm Mediahawk, as well as online estate agency

    If you'd like more traffic and sales from your website, please get in touch:

  • Alex Goodwill

    Alex Goodwill, is a freelance writer who loves sharing his insights on various blogs online. When he is not writing he loves playing with his 2 wonderful kids. You can find his work here
  • Saby Salvatierra

    Saby Salvatierra is Wordtracker’s Content Marketing Executive. She has a passion for yoga and cooking YouTube videos, clean baking, along with dancing, and getting up to speed with the latest crime drama. You can find her on LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest.

  • Andrew Tobert

    Andrew is a freelance writer, helping companies make the most of their websites and social media channels.

  • Ali Moghadam

    Ali Moghadam is a Digital Marketing Executive with a keen interest in how creativity drives the internet. He works at Koozai and regularly contributes to the Koozai blog on a range of subjects from SEO and social media to brand and reputation management.
  • Eric Ward

    Eric founded the Web's first link building and content publicity service, called NetPOST, in 1994. Today, Eric publishes the linking strategies newsletter known as LinkMoses Private and continues to provides strategic linking consulting and training. In the past he has developed content linking strategies for, WarnerBros, The Discovery Channel,,, and You can find him on Google+.

  • Hayden Allen-Vercoe

    Hayden Allen-Vercoe is a digital marketer and co-founder of Orbital Media, one of the UK’s leading specialist social agencies. When he’s not helping to dream up and roll out award winning apps he’s busy chasing three kids around the house. You can find him on LinkedIn or Google Plus
  • Geoff Hill

    Geoff Hill is an award-winning journalist and the author of nine best selling and critically acclaimed books, including novels, travel books and accounts of epic motorbike trips. He's either won or been shortlisted for a UK travel writer of the year award nine times, as well as winning European and World travel writer of the year awards. Check out his profile on
  • Zoe-Lee Skelton

    Originally graduating as a Fine Artist, Zoe-Lee Skelton now works as a SEO Content Writer at Receptional, blogging about content marketing, search developments and compiling content marketing strategies for clients. In her spare time Zoe-Lee continues to develop her artwork and you can find visual updates over at her blog.
  • Denise Langenegger

    Denise Langenegger is a marketing specialist with an interest in visual communication strategies. With a background in PR and sales, she pivoted into the digital marketing industry to use her skills to work with web design firms, and software and app developers. Currently, she builds relationships with other websites for Instasize - a content creating tool kit for anyone editing photos and online content on mobile. Instasize is available on iOS and Android devices.
  • Barrie Smith

    Barrie is a PPC specialist with over 14 years of experience in the digital marketing industry. He has run successful campaigns in a variety of sectors, including travel, fashion, finance, gambling and car insurance. You can reach him via his website. or on Twitter.

  • Tom Ewer

    Tom Ewer is the Chief Blogging Officer for the ManageWP blog. ManageWP is the easiest way to access, manage, backup and update multiple WordPress websites.
  • Lauren Brady

    Lauren is the events manager at Distilled. Her day job involves the organisation and marketing of Distilled's US and UK events portfolio, from large-scale conferences through to intimate VIP dinners. When not working, she is a keen traveller and regularly writes about her adventures over at
  • James Newhouse

    James is Head of Link Building at Receptional. Shortlisted for Young Search Professional of the Year in 2013, James directs link acquisition campaigns that deliver successful results for his clients. Find James on Twitter or check out his website
  • Gary Dek

    Gary Dek is the blogger behind Start A Blog 123, a website focused on helping people build and grow a successful blog.
  • Matthew Loughlin

    Matthew Loughlin has been Head of Paid Search at Receptional since 2013, with over 6 years’ experience in pay-per-click. Matthew is a Google AdWords and Bing Ads Accredited professional. He manages various client accounts, from large blue-chip companies to smaller, entrepreneurial businesses.
  • Julie McNamee

    is a freelance writer, blogger and editor with her own travel blog Quirky Travel.

  • Laura Narušytė

    Laura Narušytė is an experienced digital marketing and SEO specialist at Omnisend - Ecommerce Marketing Automation platform. When not blogging, she likes to read about SEO, digital marketing and ecommerce trends, technology and personal productivity.
  • Dixon Jones

    Dixon Jones is the Marketing Director of Majestic SEO and is a founding director of

    Receptional is a digital marketing agency that offers SEO, social media, and link management services. Receptional's clients include online wine voucher site, the insurance firm,, and online gift site Presents for Men.

  • B L Ochman

    B L Ochman helps companies including Ford, IBM, and to develop and execute marketing programs to increase their website traffic and sales; writes compelling, search-engine-optimized content; is a corporate blog coach; and covers Internet marketing and trends for a variety of online and traditional publications. She writes the popular What’s Next Blog, publishes What’s Next Online, and is the author of What Could Your Company Do With a Blog?.

  • Conversion Rate Experts

    Conversion Rate Experts is an international consultancy that has worked with companies including Apple, Google, Sony, Vodafone, SEOmoz, SEO Book and some fantastic small businesses — frequently with off-the-chart results. Conversion Rate Experts has pioneered a new approach to conversion rate optimization, called the CRE Methodology™, and has presented research to Google’s staff at their headquarters in Mountain View, California and London, UK.

  • Ann Smarty

    Ann Smarty is a search marketing blogger at and editor at Search Engine Journal. She is known for discovering and reviewing various SEO tools. Ann is owner of, the free platform where bloggers and marketers can join to exchange guest posts for mutual benefit. If you are planning to start guest blogging, join MyBlogGuest and get involved!

  • Jon Mowat

    Jon Mowat runs Hurricane Media, helping international brands connect with customers via professional video marketing.
  • Ben Hunt

    Ben Hunt is lead designer and consultant at web design agency Ben Hunt Limited. He has created hundreds of web designs for companies, government and charities.

    Ben's free tutorials on web design have been read by millions of readers and he is acknowledged as a thought leader in effective web design techniques.

    His second book “Web Site Optimization from Scratch” will be published by Wiley & Sons in late 2010.

  • Brent Leary

    Brent Leary is co-founder and partner of CRM Essentials, an Atlanta based consulting/advisory firm. He has been quoted in national publications such as Newsweek, Inc., CRM Magazine and Direct Marketing News. Leary is also host of "Technology—for Business Sake," a weekly radio program heard on 1160 AM in Atlanta, as well as on Business Technology Radio. His popular blog can be found at

  • Bryan Eisenberg

    Bryan Eisenberg is Co-Founder & Chief Persuasion Officer Future Now Author of Call To Action a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller, as well as “Persuasive Online Copywriting” Founder & Chairman of the Web Analytics Association

  • Ali Faagba

    Ali Faagba is a content marketer and tech-SaaS copywriter with features in Entrepreneur, Business2Community, SEW, and more. He blogs at
  • Chris Garrett

    Chris Garrett is an internet consultant, writer, web geek and co-author of the popular ProBlogger Book. Since 1994, Chris has helped thousands of individuals, non-profits, small businesses and blue chips make the most of the web. In 2005 Chris founded OMIQ to help organizations attract, engage and retain audiences online. You can find out more, and grab two free ebooks, by visiting his blog at

    Chris is the author of Wordtracker's new e-book, Blogging for Business.

  • Garrett French

    Garrett French is the founder of Citation Labs, a link building tool "factory" and prospecting + outreach agency. He writes about link prospecting regularly for Search Engine Watch and looks forward to writing more for WordTracker!

  • Giovanna Villanueva

    Giovanna Villanueva has practiced paid search and organic search since 2005. Over the years she has worked as a business-owning retailer, an affiliate and as a consultant to companies large and small. In addition to working as a publisher and affiliate she also runs PPC and helps out with

  • David Somerville

    David Somerville is senior social media strategist for Fresh Egg a digital marketing agency based in sunny Worthing. He works with clients big and small to help them make the most of social media. He is also the founder of an online hub and monthly meet-up for digital marketing professionals in Sussex.

  • Ashley Hitchcock

    Ashley Hitchcock is a senior web designer at Fresh Egg, a digital marketing agency based in Worthing with offices in London and Sydney, Australia. Ashley works in Fresh Egg’s web design team and is responsible for the production, modification and maintenance of websites for clients big and small.

  • Jerome Smail

    With 20 years experience as an editor and writer, since 2003 Jerome Smail has been combining his journalistic skills with website marketing and SEO for The Website Marketing Company.

  • Karen Durham-Diggins

    Karen Durham-Diggins, kdd PR, is an independent PR Consultant for Wordtracker and is passionate about online PR, the use of keywords and multi-channel integration. Working exclusively with Digital Media clients since 1994, Cyberia - the first group of Internet Cafes, kdd now works extensively with specialist digital agencies, services and educational establishments. kdd is also a visiting lecturer at Hyper Island, Sweden.

  • Kelvin Newman

    Kelvin Newman is Strategy Director at SiteVisibility He also runs the fastest growing search conference in the UK, and probably the world, BrightonSEO Should you wish to know more about what he’s up to, you can follow him at @kelvinnewman

  • Ken McCarthy

    Ken McCarthy organized and sponsored the first conference ever held on web commerce way back in 1994. It featured net luminaries such as Netscape founder Marc Andreessen as guest speakers.

    Since then, he's focused on showing entrepreneurs how to harness the power of the web. The list of graduates from his System seminars reads like a Who's Who of internet marketing.

  • Peter Kent

    Peter Kent is a best-selling author of around 50 books, including Search Engine Optimization for Dummies, Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing for Dummies, the Complete Idiot's Guide to the Internet, and the most widely reviewed and praised title in computer-book history, Poor Richard's Web Site: Geek-Free, Commonsense Advice on Building a Low-Cost Web Site. More information can on Peter can be found at

  • Pierre Zarokian

    Pierre Zarokian has been CEO/President of Submit Express, a leading search engine marketing company, since 1998. Submit Express also provide content writing services from their sister website iClimber.

  • Julia Logan

    Julia Logan aka IrishWonder has been involved in SEO and online marketing since 2000. She is currently an independent SEO consultant at, CMO of ContentMango, Chief SEO Scientist at, speaker at various UK SEO conferences and contributor to a number of online SEO publications.

  • Hayley Coutinho

    Hayley Coutinho has been a Paid Search Consultant at digital marketing agency since 2010. Hayley is a Google Adwords and Bing Ads Certified Professional and has passed her Google Analytics Individual Qualification. She manages various client accounts, from large blue-chip companies to smaller, entrepreneurial businesses.

  • Hilary Pullen

    Hilary Pullen specializes in creating and managing social media accounts as well as blog editing and content writing. She also writes Craft Blog UK, a website devoted to helping designer-makers improve their blogging and promotional skills.

  • Ian Howie

    Ian is a Digital Strategist with over 18 years worth of experience in Search, Digital Analytics and Online Conversion.

    Ian has worked with a full range of clients and verticals, including: BMW, Argos, Ministry of Defence, Thompson Reuters, Burberry, Haymarket, Procter & Gamble, Amnesty International, National Geographic, Wicks, and EDF Energy to name just a few.

    Ian has been a guest at Google's HQ in Mountain View and has attended super secret Google partner conferences.

    Follow Ian on Twitter

    Contact with Ian on Linkedin

  • John Alexander

    John Alexander is Co-director of Training at Search Engine Workshops offering live, SEO Workshops with his partner SEO educator Robin Nobles. John is a partner in online search engine marketing courses and Director of the Search Engine Academy with local training workshops located throughout North America.

  • Neil Davidson

    Neil Davidson is a marketing communications consultant and writer with fifteen years experience in advertising and direct marketing at a senior level, in client and agency organisations, managing several major agencies and his own companies. He now works with several partners in the areas of advertising, direct marketing, digital marketing, narrative marketing and writing. He also teaches creative writing from time-to-time. Read his blog at Silver Darlings

  • Neil Patel

    Neil Patel is the cofounder of KISSmetrics, a customer analytics platform that helps you maximize the life time value of your customers. He also blogs at Quick Sprout about entrepreneurship and marketing.

  • Mike Essex

    Mike Essex is a online marketing manager at UK Digital Marketing Agency Koozai, and author of the book Free Stuff Everyday Follow him on Twitter @Koozai_Mike

  • Michael Fleischner

    Michael Fleischner, author of today’s top-selling search engine optimization guide SEO Made Simple, has appeared on the TODAY Show, ABC World News, and Bloomberg radio. Michael is the founder of MarketingScoop and has the #1 ranked marketing blog on the internet. Michael uses his 13 years of internet marketing experience to offer internet marketing consulting, SEO Coaching, and online SEO training at

  • Michael Burke

    Michael Burke is a writer and PR professional who manages communication strategy for clients ranging from technology to consumer products. He works for MSR Communications the San Francisco-based firm that offers “Creative Storytelling for Your World.”

  • Max Holloway

    Max Holloway is the Marketing Executive at Wordtracker and joined in January, at the beginning of 2011. He has four years SEO experience and has worked on a wide range of websites in diverse industries, including a year in-house at a top UK law firm.

    Max is an enthusiastic marketer and gets involved with all aspects of marketing and SEO. He is also an accomplished Jazz Saxophonist

    You can follow Max Holloway on Twitter.

  • Lyndon Antcliff

    Lyndon Antcliff is a social media marketing specialist, who concentrates on creating viral content to build links. With a background in creative writing and over 11 years experience in web marketing, Antcliff offers website marketers training and consultancy in the art of seducing links out of websites. He lives with his wife and two teeny tiny children in Cornwall, runs Magnetic Web Content, blogs at Cornwall SEO and Twitters a lot.

  • Kristi Hines

    is a freelance writer, professional blogger, and social media enthusiast who enjoys photography, tennis, and hiking. Her blog, Kikolani, covers blog marketing and blogging tips for personal, professional, and business bloggers. Join her on Google+

  • Kevin Lee

    Kevin Lee is Co-founder and executive chairman of, LLC. uses advanced strategy and technology to optimize the performance of its clients’ paid-placement and paid-inclusion search campaigns. Kevin and the team have been dedicated since 1996 to helping search marketers succeed. Kevin is a founding board member of the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization(SEMPO) and is now the group's chairman. He also serves on the SEM committee for the Association of Interactive Marketers and on the Interactive Advertising Bureau's Search Committee. He also publishes a popular marketing newsletter.

    An acknowledged expert on SEO and SEM, Kevin is regularly quoted by the major news media including the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, the San Jose Mercury News, and Catalog Age. He is also a frequent and well-respected speaker at industry conferences. Kevinenjoys sharing tips, tricks, and strategies in print and in person. He earned an MBA from Yale School of Management in 1992.

  • Jerry Low

    Jerry Low is a geek, a dad, and a veteran constructor of online assets. You can see more of his work at WHSR as well as his Google+ page.
  • Robert Wickert

    Robert Wickert is a database developer at Wordtracker.

  • Robin Good

    Robin Good publishes Master New Media, Kolabora and Master Views.

  • Sally Kavanagh

    Sally Kavanagh started out as a physicist, quickly going into technical journalism, ending up in SEO, web analytics and training through her company,

    She’ll also be co-hosting our Search Engine Essentials Workshop in London in January 2008.

  • Stephen Mahaney

  • Stacey Cavanagh

    Stacey Cavanagh is Head of Search for UK digital marketing agency, Tecmark She also runs a couple of her own blogs and guest posts on many others. She lives and works in Manchester, UK.

  • Robin Nobles

    Robin Nobles is the Co-Director of Training of Search Engine Workshops, where they teach "hands on" search engine marketing workshops in locations across the globe. They also offer Ultra Advanced SEO Symposiums for advanced search engine marketers who want to take their learning to a new level. They have opened the first networking community for SEOs called The World Resource Center for Search Engine Marketers and have expanded their workshops to Europe with Search Engine Workshops UK.

  • Richard Baxter

    Richard Baxter, founder of a UK-based SEO agency, is an accomplished senior search engine optimization consultant. Richard has accrued valuable experience throughout his career in travel, engineering, recruitment, technology, retail and events industry SEO. To find out more about Richard, you can view recommendations made for him on Linkedin, follow him on Twitter, Google+, read his posts on SEOmoz and the SEOgadget SEO Blog.

  • Ryan Kettler

    Ryan is Director of Communications at BoostSuite. He's an internet marketing zealot, sports fanatic, devoted runner, avid golfer, beer connoisseur, and live music enthusiast. When he’s not helping BoostSuite customers he can be found running 5ks, sampling IPAs, and attempting to dance/sing at concerts. BoostSuite allows small business marketers to get more website visitors, sales leads, and customers by optimizing their websites on their own. Follow BoostSuite on Twitter and Facebook

  • Steve Jones

    Steve Jones works as an SEO engineer for Fresh Egg in Worthing, Sussex. With fierce competition in the online environment, improving site speed and investigating potential improvements is becoming ever more important as part of site optimization tasks.

  • Trace Ronning

    Trace Ronning is a writer and the media coordinator for WordWatch Founded in 2009, they're dedicated to delivering affordable AdWords management to small businesses by automating the keyword bidding process. You can read more articles on AdWords news and strategies on their PPC blog

  • Steve Wiideman

    Although he is best known for his rank in search engine results SEO Expert Steve Wiideman is a trainer, speaker and consultant to many search marketing firms, charities and a handful of Fortune 500 companies. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in E-business management and has been featured in several publications, including Entrepreneur Magazine, CNN, and National Journal. Wiideman's popular free SEO e-book entitled SEO in a Day, has been shared by thousands of businesses who seek simple yet creative SEO strategy. Based in Los Angeles, Wiideman's firm can be reached at (562) 732-4417 or by emailing

  • Shari Thurow

    Shari Thurow, Founder and SEO Director of Omni Marketing Interactive Search Usability is one of the most popular speakers at search engine events throughout the world.

    Her style is direct, practical and backed up with extensive experience and this is translated perfectly into print in the second edition of her popular book, “Search Engine Visibility”. The book has an excellent section on planning keyword strategy and gives you a clear direction to follow.

    Ideal for developers, designers, programmers, and online marketers.

    You can get her book here:

  • Aaron Wall

    Aaron Wall is a blogger and author of his popular SEO Book. In addition he offers seo tools, publishes numerous websites, does client work, seo training and loves learning about search and marketing.

  • Mike Theodoulou

    Mike Theodoulou has been in Online Marketing since 2000, and has specialised in Pay Per Click (PPC) and Conversion Optimization since 2006. He has worked with diverse clients from start-ups to well-known brands such as MTV Networks and Mercedes.

    Mike is currently Director of Site Optimizer, a London PPC Management and Conversion Optimization agency, and writes for a number of blogs on the subjects of PPC and Online Marketing.

    Mike is working with Wordtracker to develop Creative PPC, a simple, user-friendly PPC campaign building application.

    You can follow Mike Theodoulou on Twitter here.

  • Matt Wheatcroft

    Matt is the Managing Director of Purpose Media, a highly successful web developer and online marketing specialist. In 2012, he was voted Entrepreneur of the Year in the Derbyshire BEST Business Awards. Over the last ten years, he has helped over 800 companies be successful online, and has seen the web industry, good and bad, from both sides of the table.
  • Ben Norman

    Ben Norman is a published author on the subject of SEO and his book “Get to #1 on Google” is now in its 3rd edition, selling more than 50,000 copies. He is the managing director of Digital Marketing Agency Koozai and oversees the day-to-day running of the company.

    You can Follow Ben on Twitter LinkedIn Google+ and on Koozai’s YouTube channel.

  • Mark Shaw

    Mark Shaw is an award winning ex sales guy who advises and trains businesses and individuals on how to utilize Twitter to gain more business and be effective with their time. Mark has approximately 14,000 followers, is author of the book Twitter Your Business and has been on radio, published in the media and given talks throughout the UK in his capacity as a Twitter expert. Mark was a very early user of Twitter, having joined in April 2008. It has been his passion, his love and his full time business ever since.

    Contact details:

  • Greg Jarboe

    Greg Jarboe is the President and Co-Founder of SEO-PR, a search engine optimization and online public relations firm. He is also the news search, blog search and PR correspondent for the Search Engine Watch Blog.

  • Guy Kawasaki

    Guy Kawasaki is a high-tech venture capitalist, former Apple evangelist, prolific author and inspirational keynote speaker. Guy is the author of nine books including Reality Check, The Art of the Startand How to Drive Your Competition Crazy. Among his many current ventures is Alltop the 'online magazine rack' that aggregates feeds from the best websites for a wide range of popular topics.

  • Mal Darwen

    Mal Darwen joined Wordtracker in 2008 as part of the Customer Service team, and now as well as running webinars in SEO and how to use the toolset is Product Manager. In the time since starting with Wordtracker, Mal has also spoken about SEO and keywords at conferences.

    When not Wordtracking Mal plays with a band called Praying for the Rain. He also plays guitars and basses with a number of other UK and International artists. He lives in London with his family and a belligerent cat.

  • Christopher Latter

    Chris is digital marketing specialist & co-founder of the social network trendii. Trendii is a unique creative social network that inspires creativity within its users and creates a global trending database of content including images, videos, audio, articles & products. Chris now manages various marketing channels for along with his team in the UK, Australia & the US.
  • Kunle Campbell

    Kunle Campbell is a specialist e-commerce marketing consultant for mid-tier online retailers. He helps drive business growth and profitability through metrics driven customer acquisition (driving traffic), conversion optimization and customer retention. You can read some more of Kunle’s articles his company’s blog at 2x Media. Also follow him on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.
  • Loz James

    Loz James is an experienced copywriter and content marketing professional. His highly rated Content Champion podcast, newsletter and blog provides content marketing strategies for small businesses and online entrepreneurs.
  • Jennifer Horowitz

    Jennifer Horowitz, Director of Marketing for EcomBuffet, Inc., is a sought after speaker, author and guest blogger at SEO industry events and publications around the world. Her strategic, big picture knowledge of SEO and her unique ability to integrate it with social media and business strategy have been directly responsible for millions of dollars in online sales. Now, for the first time in her 14 year career, she is opening the door to a select few for personal training and mentoring at a fraction of her usual rates. Get the details at
  • Oren Greenberg

    Oren Greenberg is a growth marketer and the founder of the Kurve consultancy in London. He helps startups and corporate innovation projects scale using digital channels. He has also written for leading marketing blogs and been featured in the international press.
  • Kostas Chiotis

    Kostas Chiotis, founder of, is a content marketing and blogger outreach specialist. He helps businesses of all kinds get the most out of their content and helps them connect with bloggers in their industry. You can read more of his articles at his blog. You can follow him on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Stephanie Gifford

    Stephanie is an Inbound Marketing Specialist for Digital Flavor. DF is a premium level inbound marketing agency specializing in content marketing, social media, and web design.
  • Paul Chaloner

    Paul Chaloner is Head of Social Media at Fresh Egg and has been a passionate, professional practitioner of social media for the last five years with a background in television and other media. You can follow him on Twitter

  • Darren Shaw

    Darren Shaw is the President and Founder of Whitespark, a company that builds software and provides services to help businesses with local search. He's widely regarded in the local SEO community as an innovator, one whose years of experience working with massive local data sets have given him uncommon insights into the inner workings of the world of citation-building and local search marketing. Darren has been working on the web for over 16 years and loves everything about local SEO.
  • Tuan Nguyen

    Tuan Nguyen is an expert in banner advertising and the owner of He is also the Founder of Aplusmedia, a web development and marketing agency.
  • Sam Mazaheri

    Sam Mazaheri is the Director of Marketing at AdStage, an all-in-one advertising platform. Previously, he was part of the AdWords product team at Google, serving as the in-house AdWords expert and advisor to product management, engineering, and UX. Prior to that, he personally managed and grew in-house digital marketing programs with over $300,000 in monthly ad spend.
  • Jack Dawson

    Jack Dawson is a web developer and UI/UX specialist at He works at a design, branding and marketing firm, having founded the same firm 9 years ago. He likes to share knowledge and points of view with other developers and consumers on platforms.
  • Dustin Thompson

    Dustin Thompson is the Franchise Sales Lead and Marketing Manager for Global Franchise Group. He has been in the franchise industry for over eight years and specializes in digital marketing and franchise lead generation. During this time, Dustin has experienced success by informing potential partners about the best franchise opportunities in the food and beverage industry. Other accomplishments have been driving franchise growth through cutting edge digital lead generation methods that cater to today's consumer.
  • Sean Si

    Sean Si is the CEO and Founder of SEO Hacker and Qeryz. A start-up, data analysis and urgency junkie who spends his time inspiring young entrepreneurs through talks and seminars. Check out his personal blog where he writes about starting up two companies and life in general.
  • Jacob Emmy

    Jacob Emmy is a SEO specialist, link builder and content strategist. He loves researching the future of SEO, especially the movement towards mobile and the growing importance of Local SEO practices. Jacob is currently working with SEO Austin, Inc. in their marketing department as a writer.
  • Daniel Mattei

    Daniel Mattei is a web Marketing Specialist at Dynamic Search with a love for film-making, content marketing, and photography. He lives with his wife, Grace and Pomeranian, Couscous, in Phoenix, Arizona. You can follow him in Twitter @mattedt
  • Brad Shorr

    Brad Shorr is the B2B Marketing Director of Straight North, an Internet marketing firm assisting middle market firms across the United States with the fundamentals of SEO. You can see some of Brad’s other published pieces on Forbes, Smashing Magazine, and Fox Small Business.
  • Garrett Mehrguth

    Garrett Mehrguth is the CEO of Directive Consulting, which provides Local SEO services for small to medium size companies. Garrett also teaches multiple times a month on SEO, Content, and PPC. He enjoys writing on everything from captivating social media promotion to technical SEO.
  • Jonathan Wickham

    Jonathan Wickham is the CEO & Founder of Solution Med Media. According to Top Inbound Marketing Inc, it is one of the 10 fastest growing Dental Marketing Firms in the country. Be sure to visit for more information about cutting edge medical inbound marketing.

  • John Funk

    John Funk is the Inbound Marketing Specialist for SevenAtoms, a digital marketing agency based out of the Bay Area. A lifelong storyteller, he relishes finding new ways to communicate in the digital medium, and can often be found playing Dungeons & Dragons.
  • Nina Sharpe

    Nina Sharpe is a content champion for FreshBooks and other outlets, covering various business topics from finance for startups to small business accounting tips.
  • Stacy Thompson

    Stacy Thompson is a senior content marketing writer at B2B digital marketing agency KoMarketing. With more than a decade of professional writing and editing experience, as well as a Master’s degree in writing, Stacy brings deep industry expertise to KoMarketing content campaigns. Stacy’s writing has been featured on such sites as Content Marketing Institute, SEMrush, and iMedia Connection. You can follow her on Twitter @Wicked_Stacy or connect with her on LinkedIn.
  • Kayla Matthews

    Kayla Matthews is a digital technologies journalist and marketing writer. In the past, her work has also been featured on Marketing Dive, Convince and Convert, Outbrain and Contently. To read more from Kayla, please visit her tech blog at
  • Julia McCoy

    Julia McCoy's life career happened when she left medical school to follow her passion in copywriting and SEO at 19 years old. A solely self-taught entrepreneur, she built an online copywriting agency a year later in 2011, which has grown to include more than 60 talented copywriters and 60 content products today. Her latest accomplishment was launching a fully e-commerce online Content Shop. Follow Julia on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Rachelle Money

    Rachelle Money is a freelance journalist based in Scotland, UK, who worked for Wordtracker from 2007-2009. She wrote extensively about keyword research, search engine optimization and link building

    Nowadays, Rachelle is Communications Manager at Scottish Renewables.

    She graduated from the Scottish School of Journalism in 2005 where she was awarded an internship with two national publications - The Sunday Herald newspaper and The Big Issue magazine.

  • Matthew Zajechowski

    Matthew Zajechowski is an outreach manager for Digital Third Coast. Connect with him on Twitter and Google+.
  • Matt Banner

    Matt Banner is the owner and lead blogger of OnBlastBlog, a website that helps people learn how to start a blog and grow one. You can follow him via twitter @blastyourblog
  • Jo Cameron

    Jo Cameron was Wordtracker’s Content & Community Manager where she worked for over 4 years. Jo makes jewellery which she sells on Etsy, she also enjoys drawing, painting and occasionally blogging about the things she makes. Follow her on Twitter.

  • Brandon Leibowitz

    Brandon Leibowitz is the founder of Get Plus Followers, a social media marketing agency in Los Angeles, California and skateboarding news blog. He is featured on sites such as Social Media Today, Live Chat Blog, Simply Measured, Business2Community and other popular sites. Connect with him on Twitter or LinkedIn
  • Nathan Pabich

    Nathan Pabich is the Director of Paid Search at Digital Third Coast, a search engine marketing company based in Chicago. You can find Nathan on Google+. Connect with Digital Third Coast on Google+.
  • Mark Nunney

    Mark Nunney has been a successful professional SEO since 2000. He is CEO of The Website Marketing Company and he publishes Leadership & Management Review from, the business management website.

    You can follow Mark Nunney's SEO on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ and read a Q&A here.

  • Thomas Coppen

    Thomas Coppen is the UK Director of online advertising specialists Keel Over Marketing . After receiving funding and mentorship from former Dragons’ Den investor James Caan, Thomas has since gone on to secure an international client base. You can connect with Keel Over on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
  • Rowena Heal

    Rowena is a content composer at RocketMill, with previous experience in social media and brand reputation. She spends a lot of time with her head in a book or watching too much Sci-Fi.
  • Lior Levin

    Lior Levin is a consultant for a company called ily that makes a new phone for kids, and also works for an rss feed api service.
  • Matt Janaway

    Matt is a digital and online entrepreneur and marketer, specialising in the retail and eCommerce arena. He has have built, purchased, optimised and sold in excess of 10 eCommerce businesses with multi-million pound revenues and is now heading a team project optimising 30 websites with over 20,000 products. Connect with him on Google Plus , Twitter or LinkedIn
  • Hannah Byrne

    Hannah is a media and communication professional with a strong background in both B2B and B2C marketing. She is a copywriter account manager at Dakota Digital
  • Vlad Rascanu

    Vlad Rascanu is an experienced digital marketer, with in depth knowledge of SEO. He is the founder of 80proofdigital, an online marketing agency mainly focused on enterprise level SEO, and has helped hundreds of businesses grow their sales for more than 10 years. Follow Vlad on Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn
  • Nathan Oulman

    Nathan Oulman operates and manages a top Webhosting review site, where he contributes weekly to SEO, Marketing and Webhosting topics.
  • Stephen Jeske

    Stephen Jeske heads Growth & Marketing at Viralwoot, software to grow and manage all your Pinterest accounts. He is a frequent contributor to many well-known blogs on the subjects of growth and marketing. Stephen is also editor of Growth Hacking Digest.
  • Chris Hickman

    Chris Hickman is the Founder and CEO at Adficient with 14 years of experience in search marketing and conversion optimization. In 2006 he founded Adwords Suspension and Google Penalty recovery service at to help businesses and websites to get back on Google.
  • Kristina Petrick

    Kristina is a creative content writer for the digital marketing agency Aumcore. She blogs about current events and trending topics in the digital world.
  • Anton Kraly

    Anton Kraly is an ecommerce and marketing expert. He founded Performance Marketer and Drop Ship Lifestyle after selling his first ecommerce business. Connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Sammi Cohen

    Sammi Cohen is a premium writer for HubShout. In addition to running her own vintage style blog, she regularly performs in musical productions throughout the Rochester, NY area. Sammi holds a BA in Theatre and Speech from Wagner College.
  • Faith MacAnas

    Faith is a technology blogger for Secure Thoughts, a leading authority on the latest developments in cybersecurity. With a specialty in online marketing, she prides herself on being a font of valuable information to help brands better reach their target audiences and stay safe while doing so.
  • Sam Clarke

    Sam is the marketing manager for innovative white label PPC agency, InvisiblePPC. He is a former digital executive for many small agencies across the UK as well as larger outfits like Yell and Hibu. With over 7 years digital experience in sales, marketing and design; Sam works on improving the products, strategies and services offered by InvisiblePPC to ensure that their agency partners can scale fulfilment successfully.
  • Tony Messer

    Tony Messer is the co-founder of UK web hosting company Pickaweb. Tony is passionate about helping other entrepreneurs and business owners create winning online strategies as outlined in his Amazon 5-star rated book ‘The Lazy Website Syndrome’. Prior to setting up his hosting business, Tony was an IT outsourcing project manager working on large financial services and government contracts in the UK and throughout Europe.
  • Shane Barker

    Shane Barker is a digital marketing consultant specializing in sales funnels, targeted traffic and website conversions. He has consulted with Fortune 500 companies, Influencers with digital products, and a number of A-List celebrities. Connect with him on Twitter, or Google+.
  • Rebecca Appleton

    Rebecca is Wordtracker's lead writer and also the managing director of digital PR and marketing agency, Dakota Digital . She is a former Press Gazette Online Journalist of the Year award winner and holds a 1st Class Masters degree in Online Journalism. With more than 8 years experience at the forefront of digital marketing she works with small, medium and large organizations, across all main verticals, in the UK, US and Australia. She is also a published author and digital marketing columnist.
  • John Stevens

    John Stevens is a geek dad who enjoys building websites with WordPress. He regularly writes about tech and blogging. You can find him on Twitter (@hostfacts) or at Hosting Facts.
  • Adrian Cordiner

    Adrian Cordiner accidentally stumbled into digital marketing after starting an online travel company and realizing there was a whole world out there of SEO, SEM, Analytics, CRO and so on that he knew absolutely nothing about. Many years of reading, researching, testing and making lots of mistakes along the way have lead him to where he is today, running his own digital marketing agency (Digital Rhinos) and founding a content marketplace startup (Prozely), still reading, still researching, still testing and hopefully making a few less mistakes.
  • Karon Thackston

    Teacher. Guide. Simplifier of the complex. Since 1999, Karon Thackston of Marketing Words has been devoted to delivering high-value training that empowers online entrepreneurs to entice, engage & earn through blogging, copywriting, passive income, affiliate marketing and more.

    From blogging to bucks to online biz, Karon breaks down the process into easily understood steps. And she does it with 100% focus, not fluff! Explore all of Marketing Words' products that can help you communicate, connect and convert today.

  • Andy Beohar

    Andy Beohar is Vice President of SevenAtoms, a San Francisco Inbound marketing agency. Andy develops and manages ROI positive inbound and paid marketing campaigns for B2B, Technology and E-commerce companies. Connect with Andy on LinkedIn or Twitter.
  • Beth Kotz

    Beth Kotz is a contributing writer to She specializes in covering financial advice for female entrepreneurs, college students and recent graduates. She earned a BA in Communications and Media from DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois, where she continues to live and work.
  • Nicole Stelmar

    Nicole Stelmar is a managing editor at 365 Business Tips, a site that provides businesses with tips on how to thrive. Nicole specializes in helping small businesses grow their digital presence using SEO and content marketing.
  • Copley Broer

    Copley Broer is CEO of RadPad and CEO & founder of LandlordStation. A 15-year veteran of the commercial and multifamily real estate industries, he is a thought leader in the use of technology in real estate. He splits his time between Dallas, Texas, and Bend, Oregon. Married with three kids, he's also a competitive amateur golfer.
  • Peter Dulay

    Peter Dulay is a conversion expert with over 10 years of experience in digital advertising and conversion. He has helped many startups and fortune 500 companies to boost their conversion by 400% and more. Connect with him on Instagram , Facebook or Twitter
  • Ken McGaffin

    Ken McGaffin is a writer, speaker and trainer in digital marketing. He provides training in Budget Video Production, Digital PR and content marketing on his site at You can join him on Twitter.

    He’s taught over 12,000 students on the Udemy learning platform where he has a number of successful low-cost courses. He’s also a regular speaker and trainer at Search Marketing Expo (SMX) in London, Milan and other locations.

  • Alasdair Inglis

    Alasdair is the MD of Grow, the small business marketing experts. He delivers marketing consultancy and training to small businesses, universities, business programmes, charities, and social enterprises. Since 2000, he has personally worked with over 150 fast-growth small businesses and managed to get great results. He is also the Marketer in Residence at The British Library. As a partner, he hosts Digital Marketing Workshops there every month where he has taught over 2000 entrepreneurs.
  • Limor Wainstein

    Limor is a technical writer and editor at Agile SEO, a boutique digital marketing agency focused on technology and SaaS markets. She has over 10 years' experience writing technical articles and documentation for various audiences, including technical on-site content, software documentation, and dev guides. She specializes in big data analytics, computer/network security, middleware, software development and APIs.
  • Michael Peggs

    Michael Peggs is the founder of Marccx Media, a digital marketing agency specializing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Before Marcxx, Peggs worked at Google in business development, forming digital media and advertising partnerships in the United States and Asia. He is also a contributor to The Huffington Post, FastCompany and Business Insider as well as and podcaster, hosting the iTunes Top 10 New & Noteworthy Podcast You University.
  • Angelica Carsolin

    As a business development officer at Comparakeet, Angel ensures the company's continued growth on a daily basis. In her free time, she enjoys redditing, gaming, and giving belly rubs to her puppies.
  • Sophie Sirois

    Sophie Sirois is a writer based in sunny San Diego, CA. With her Bachelor’s of Art in Strategic Communication behind her, Sophie began working in the content marketing sphere and has been crafting unique, informative, and click-worthy content ever since. Sophie enjoys covering a variety of topics, including tech, finance, business and marketing and she has created content for leading companies including ProConnect.
  • Helvijs Smoteks

    Helvijs is an SEO-mastering, content-smithing marketer who spends his days at Linkody helping SEOs monitor their backlink data
  • Alice Clarke

    Alice Clarke is a content marketer with over 5 years' experience.
  • Maria Camanes

    Maria joined Builtvisible in early 2017 as a Technical SEO Consultant, and works across a wide variety of projects and accounts. With a background of writing and journalism, she is passionate about optimizing websites from a technical point of view, and works on improving her coding skills through programming language courses.
  • Heidi Thiel

    Heidi is a writer and content creator based in New York City. When she isn’t covering business, tech, and leadership topics, you can usually find her checking out a new coffee shop or hanging out with her bearded dragon. You can view more of Heidi’s work on the Chattermill blog.
  • Megan Totka

    Megan Totka is the Chief Editor for Chamber specializes in helping small businesses grow their business on the web while facilitating the connectivity between local businesses and more than 7,000 Chambers of Commerce worldwide. As a small business expert, Megan specializes in reporting the latest business news, helpful tips and reliable resources, as well as providing small business advice. She has significant experience with the topic of small business marketing, and has spent several years exploring topics like copywriting, content marketing and social media.
  • Edith MacLeod

    Edith MacLeod works in Wordtracker's Community and Content team. With a background in languages, in previous roles she has worked as a translator and interpreter and as a news editor, before moving into the world of SEO.
  • Chris Woods

    Chris Woods is a Digital Marketing veteran & strategist. A product of WPP and Omnicom Group agency experience turned digital consultant & online business founder, he is now the Head of Digital and Strategy at Dakota Digital. Connect with him on Twitter, LinkedIn or Email
  • Gavin Hirst

    Gavin Hirst is a Brit working abroad. He is a copywriter, SEO and content marketing expert working for one of Auckland’s leading SEO agencies, Digital Hothouse, in New Zealand. Outside of work, Gavin is a keen golfer and is passionate about the outdoors – hence the move to NZ! Connect with Gavin on LinkedIn or with Digital Hothouse on Twitterand keep up to date with all the latest digital marketing news and trends in NZ and across the world.
  • Leah Diviney

    Leah Diviney is a content manager at Biteable, the world’s simplest video maker. When Leah isn’t busy making videos, she’s writing about them for the Biteable Blog.
  • Gilad David Maayan

    Gilad David Maayan is a technology writer who has worked with over 150 technology companies including SAP, Imperva, Samsung NEXT, NetApp and Ixia, producing technical and thought leadership content that elucidates technical solutions for developers and IT leadership. Today he heads Agile SEO, the leading marketing agency in the technology industry. LinkedIn
  • Michael Quoc

    Michael Quoc is the founder & CEO of Dealspotr, an open social platform for trend-seeking shoppers and a place where up-and-coming brands can connect with micro-influencers in the Dealspotr Marketplace. Michael was previously the Director of Product Management for Yahoo's media lab, where he launched multiple innovative live video & mobile social networking services. He has been awarded nine patents relating to mobile and social network applications and technology. Follow Michael on Twitter
  • Matt Cayless

    Matt Cayless is cofounder and lead SEO Consultant at Bubblegum Search, an SEO & Content Marketing agency. He has a passion for helping businesses optimise their content experiences online. By night he can be found training for his next marathon while remaining fearful of carbohydrates.
  • Owen Powis

    Owen Powis is the CEO at Wordtracker and has spent his career working in the digital marketing sector. That time has been spent working at some of the UK's largest agencies dealing with clients ranging from SMEs to large blue chip organisations. With hands on experience ‘at the coal face’, multi-channel marketing is of particular interest, with a long-running bias towards SEO.
  • Jake Rheude

    Jake Rheude is the Director of Marketing for Red Stag Fulfillment, an ecommerce fulfillment warehouse that was born out of ecommerce. He has years of experience in ecommerce and business development. In his free time, Jake enjoys reading about business and sharing his own experience with others.
  • Hannah Stevenson

    Hannah Stevenson is the Content Marketing Manager at UK Linkology, one of the UK's highest-ranking link building and technical SEO agencies. She's a former journalist, who now runs the in-house content team for her company, and so she keeps her finger on the pulse of the latest content creation and SEO writing developments.
  • David Pagotto

    David Pagotto is the Founder and Managing Director of SIXGUN, a digital marketing agency based in Melbourne, Australia. SIXGUN is data driven, strategically minded, and truly understands the responsibility that comes with being your digital marketing partner.
  • Craig Murphy

    Craig Murphy is the director of ALT Agency, a Birmingham based web design agency. With over 17 years experience ALT Agency have created websites for local companies, national brands and billion pound conglomerates. Always happy to help, should you have any questions please contact Craig through the ALT Agency website.
  • Jesse Heredia

    Jesse Heredia is the founder and CEO of Ravecode Solutions, a digital marketing agency based in the US. Ravecode Solutions serves immigration lawyers and law firms and helps them leverage their websites to bring in new leads from Google without spending on Ads.
  • Clif Haley

    Clif Haley is an SEO pro currently working for Dreamstime, one of the top stock photo agencies. When he's not exercising his expertise in SEO, he's often hiking and likes the great outdoors.
  • Stewart Dunlop

    Stewart is the Marketing & Outreach Manager at Create beautiful smart forms, quizzes & surveys in minutes.
  • Anna Hubbel

    Anna Hubbel is a staff writer at AdvertiseMint, a Facebook advertising agency. She writes on various topics, including social media, digital advertising, and current events.
  • Noah Rue

    Noah Rue is a journalist and content writer, fascinated with the intersection between global health, personal wellness, and modern technology. When he isn't searching out his next great writing opportunity, Noah likes to shut off his devices and head to the mountains to disconnect.
  • Paul Mortimer

    Paul Mortimer is the Content Manager at Digital 22, the leading HubSpot partner agency in Europe and one of the fastest growing in the world. With a client base from the Middle East to the United States, Digital 22 has earned a reputation for providing full-funnel results you can depend on. To find out how it's done, drop Paul or the team a message on their site or via @digital22online.
  • Anthony Capetola

    A 10-plus year veteran of the digital marketing industry, Anthony Capetola has built and managed successful SEM and Social PPC campaigns for hundreds of small to large-sized businesses in various industry verticals including national franchises and eCommerce. As the current Marketing Manager for Sales & Orders, which provides management software for Google Shopping, Anthony manages the entirety of paid search and inbound marketing efforts.
  • Beatriz Ferreira

    Beatriz Ferreira is a New York City-based graphic designer and freelance writer. When she's not working as the Chief Editor of DesignRush helping businesses get in touch with the best content marketing agencies, you can find her drinking copious amounts of coffee, baking in her peanut-sized apartment, or travelling with friends and her tiny dog, Melody.
  • Irina Weber

    Irina Weber is an active blogger, content marketing enthusiast and brand manager at SE Ranking whose contributions regularly appear in publications related to online marketing, social media, conversion optimization, and business development.

    You can reach out to her via Twitter @irinaweber048.

  • Charlie Carpenter

    Charlie Carpenter is the co-founder and CEO of Kite. He is a mobile advocate with over ten years of industry experience. After working for large and small agencies for many years, he co-founded Kite; a software solution for print-on-demand, zero inventory merchandise, and personalised photo print goods. As well as an entrepreneur, Charlie is a seasoned product strategist with experience of various types of digital projects which include: Responsive and Adaptive Websites, Mobile & Tablet Apps, Hybrid Apps, Cross Platform App development. You can connect with Charlie on LinkedIn , and follow him on twitter.
  • Jock Purtle

    Jock is a business broker for Digital Exits. He specializes in the buying/selling and appraisal of online businesses. Throughout his career, which started when he was 19-years-old, he’s been involved in various online companies, mostly in the eCommerce space. Since business value is heavily influenced by sales and revenues, he’s always looking for ways to help his clients grow their companies and fetch higher offers. He writes frequently about his experiences to help other entrepreneurs.
  • Hugh Beaulac

    Hugh Beaulac is a content and social media manager who helps businesses grow online. He believes in the power of Instagram marketing so is betting on this platform in 2018.
  • Paul Granger

    Paul Granger is a content writer at Website Promoter 4 U, a site that helps small businesses and website owners grow their reach online with better ROI through PPC & affordable SEO services. Contact Paul on Linkedin or Twitter.
  • Craig Smith

    Craig Smith is the Founder & CEO of Trinity Insight, an eCommerce optimization agency and INC 5000 company. Trinity helps brands grow ecommerce revenue by driving qualified traffic and improving digital experiences.
  • Anastasia Sviridenko

    Anastasia Sviridenko is a content marketing manager at TextMagic, a mass text messaging software. When she's not working, you can find her chilling at home with a book or playing tennis. Follow Anastasia on Twitter .
  • Pauline Farris

    Pauline Farris speaks Portuguese, English, Spanish, and Italian, and currently works as an interpreter for TheWordPoint. She has traveled the world to immerse herself in new cultures and learn languages and worked with many companies in the translation and localization of their websites and marketing materials. Today, she is proud to be a voting member of the American Translators Association and an active participant of the Leadership Council of its Portuguese Language Division.
  • Brandon Jarman

    Brandon Jarman is a freelance writer and digital marketing enthusiast. When he’s not writing, he enjoys spending time with his family and the occasional video game.
  • Emil Kristensen

    Emil Kristensen is the CMO and co-founder of Sleeknote a company that helps e-commerce brands engage their site visitors—without hurting the user experience.
  • Sam Holzman

    Sam Holzman is a Content Marketing Specialist at ZoomInfo where he writes for their B2B blog . ZoomInfo is a leading business information database that helps organizations accelerate growth and profitability. Sam regularly covers topics related to sales, marketing and recruiting, and likes to write about sports and travel in his free time.
  • Steven Garland

    Steven is the Head of Content at LeadGibbon, a one-click tool for sales teams to find email addresses and other data for their leads. When he's not busy with research for his latest article, Steve is binge-watching 80s horror movies or playing pick-up basketball with friends.
  • Joe Williams

    Joe Williams is the founder and chief SEO trainer at Tribe SEO . He began his SEO career in 2005. Joe likes the way SEO has become more social and how it has weaved its way into content marketing and marketing in general. You can find him on Twitter, LinkedIn and his blog.
  • Zamir Javer

    Zamir is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience of providing expert inbound digital marketing advice to a variety of B2B clients. He has orchestrated the digital success of several organizations, with some clients getting 7000% ROI as a result. As a member of the Entrepreneurs' Organization, Zamir also has over a decade of experience mentoring young entrepreneurs. An active participant in the Forbes Agency Council, his marketing agency - Jumpfactor- made the Growth500 list for fastest growing companies in Canada. As for his keys to success? Zamir credits everything to meditation and focus.
  • Lilach Bullock

    Highly regarded on the world speaker circuit, Lilach has graced Forbes and Number 10 Downing Street. She’s a hugely connected and highly influential entrepreneur. Listed in Forbes as one of the top 20 women social media power influencers, she was crowned the Social Influencer of Europe by Oracle. She is listed as the number one Influencer in the UK by Career Experts and is a recipient of a Global Women Champions Award for her outstanding contribution and leadership in business. Connect with Lilach here.
  • Matthew J. Fritschle

    Matthew is a content writer for Aumcore, a digital marketing agency in NYC that specialises in all things digital. He writes on a variety of topics that range from crafting the perfect content marketing plan, to what’s new with the latest technologies.
  • Chintan Doshi

    Chintan is Head of Operations at Inbox Army which specializes in providing advanced email marketing services from email production to deployment. Chintan has worked in email marketing for 7 years, building email programs from scratch and using data-driven strategies to turn around under performing accounts.
  • Amir Shahzeidi

    Amir is the digital marketing manager at Uscreen, a video monetization platform that allows creators to monetize their content. He's also a composer and pianist who's rarely loved by his neighbors because all he ever plays is atonal music. But cats love him so it's fine!
  • Forrest Brown

    Forrest Brown is a writer for, covering B2B and technology. Originally from Atlanta, Forrest currently resides in Nashville with his wife and calico cat where he enjoys creative writing, sampling tasty food, and traveling often.
  • Addison Burke

    Addison Burke is a freelance writer who teaches businesses how to grow through better digital marketing. She writes on everything from SEO to WordPress and cybersecurity. Addi has written for websites such as SEO Hacker and Themient, and has also ghostwritten for industry-leading B2B executives.
  • Rick Coupesta

    Rick has been engaged in the content marketing industry for 10 years and is currently working with Hosting.Review. Through his work with clients he has built up his experience in website hosting and website builders. Rick writes data-driven, informative articles using real world examples to capture the reader's attention. Writer by day and gamer by night, Rick also plays an active part in the e-sports scene.
  • Chris Porteous

    Chris Porteous is CEO of My SEO Sucks. He builds high performing sales funnels and marketing workflow solutions for businesses across North America. Reach him on LinkedIn.
  • Paul Teitelman

    With over 10 years of experience helping hundreds of businesses succeed online, Paul Teitelman is one of the most respected and top ranking SEO consultants in Toronto & across Canada. A passionate SEO expert that works directly with clients and offers custom white-labelled services to search marketing and digital advertising agencies in Canada and the United States. Add Paul on LinkedIn or check out his SEO blog for more great tips.
  • Josh Brown

    Josh is part of the marketing team at Helpjuice. Helpjuice provides easy-to-use knowledge base software that guarantees fewer support emails and more happy customers.

  • Vartika Kashyap

    Vartika Kashyap is the Marketing Manager at ProofHub — a leading project management and collaboration software company. From contributing to websites such as The Huffington Post,, Elearning, Dzone, and The Next Web to becoming LinkedIn Top Voices in 2016, 2017 and 2018, she has recognized amazing new ways to reach the audience. She weaves stories about productivity, team building, work culture, leadership, and common workplace events. She also loves to read and travel to new places.
  • Jeremy Lawlor

    Jeremy Lawlor is a digital marketing specialist with a background in search engine optimization, website design, and pay-per-click campaigns. He is the co-founder of Active Business Growth, a boutique marketing agency that provides SEO for local businesses in North America.
  • Dean Chester

    Dean Chester is a cybersecurity expert and the co-founder of research VPN providers While cryptography has been and remains his main passion, he is also interested in the political and social repercussions of internet safety issues.
  • Sharline Shaw

    Sharline Shaw, the founder of is an expert on Chinese export trade. With 10 years of experience in the field of sourcing in China, she is familiar with all the relevant regulations and laws relating to exporting from China. She has written extensively on this subject and loves to share her experience with people. Contact Sharline via Facebook.
  • Christian Carere

    Christian Carere is an SEO consultant who works with companies to improve the traffic their website receives. He is the founder of Digital Ducats Inc. which specializes in search engine optimization services for businesses around the globe.
  • Andrej Kovačević

    Andrej is an entrepreneur, a digital marketer and an avid internet technologist. He is a founder of Tech Loot and in charge of content production at Amebae.
  • Kimberly Grimms

    Kimberly is a futurist who spends most of her time monitoring social behavior in search of new consumer trends, using the information to create viral and useful content as part of the new media strategy. She is interested in technology, market behavior, new media, environment, sustainability, futuristic scenarios, and businesses.
  • Diana Ford

    Diana is a digital marketing specialist. She's been blogging for several years and her writing expertise spans across online marketing, SEO, social media, and blogging. As well as this, she does outreach marketing, product reviews, and online marketing guides.
  • Al Gomez

    Al Gomez is a Digital Marketing Consultant at Dlinkers and Sagad. With more than twelve years of digital marketing experience in search engine optimization, paid search and email marketing, he has contributed to a variety of online publications including Moz, Semrush and Wordtracker.
  • Matthew Davies

    Matthew Davies is a creative and passionate HR Director with 15 plus years proven experience up to board level in international and world-class corporations. He has had the privilege of working on a wide range of projects that have enabled him to apply his leadership and technical skills and he has proven expertise in managing change, business integration and outsourcing.
  • Karli Jaenike

    Karli is a content marketer and founder of boutique agency JuiceBox and the content marketing accelerator course, Vitamin C. With over 10 years in the marketing industry, she's worked with brands large and small across many industries to grow organic traffic and reach new audiences. She writes on everything from content marketing, social, and SEO to travel and real estate. On the weekends, she loves to explore new places, enjoy the outdoors, and have a glass or two of vino!
  • Andre Oentoro

    Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award winning explainer video company. He helps business increase conversion rates, close more sales and get positive ROI from explainer videos. Contact Andre via Twitter, Email or LinkedIn.
  • Mile Živković

    Mile Živković is a content writer and work-life balance expert at Chanty, a simple and AI-powered Slack alternative. When Mile isn't busy writing epic posts on productivity, work-life balance and time management for Chanty blog, he's probably driving somewhere. His hobbies include cars (huge fan of Alfa Romeo), photography and collecting pocket knives. You can catch him on LinkedIn.
  • Jared Cornell

    Jared is a customer-support specialist, a marketing evangelist and a book lover, associated with ProProfs Chat. Jared is passionate about customer support and loves to solve customers' queries. He is always keen to develop new strategies to help customers seeking live chat assistance for a delightful experience. Reach Jared on LinkedIn.

  • Daniel Daines-Hutt

    A self confessed ‘marketing nerd’, Daniel has a background in Direct Response advertising, but ironically, it’s his Content Marketing that people know him for. He’s had the Top 10 content of all time on and Top content of 2017 + 2018 on GrowthHackers (along with a viral post generating $3 million in client requests in 2 weeks). He teaches people how to write less often, but get more traffic at
  • Ebbe Kernel

    Ebbe is a data mining researcher and technical writer who has been working in the field of data intelligence for over ten years. He has advised hundreds of data providers and large companies on in-house data acquisition solutions. More information at
  • Mike Khorev

    Mike Khorev is an SEO expert and digital marketing consultant who helps small and mid-size businesses generate more leads, sales and grow revenue online. He offers expert advice on marketing your company the right way through performance-based SEO digital marketing, web design, social media, search engine marketing and many other online practices. Find him on LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Mitt Ray

    Mitt Ray is the founder of Social Marketing Writing. Visit his website to download free social media visual templates for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and more networks.
  • Victor Blasco

    Victor Blasco is an audiovisual designer, video marketing expert, and founder/CEO of the explainer video company Yum Yum Videos. Besides running the business, he’s a lifelong student of Chinese philosophy and a passionate geek for all things sci-fi.
  • Natasha Lane

    Natasha is a growth hacker and one hell of a geek. She is always happy to collaborate with awesome blogs and share her knowledge about productivity, business growth, and branding. These days she is all about helping startups to upscale smoothly. To see what Natasha is up to next, check out her Twitter.
  • Laurent Malka

    Laurent Malka is the Co-Founder of Anytrack, a startup developing conversion tracking software for affiliate marketers. He was born and raised in Switzerland and now lives and works in Israel. He is a serial entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in marketing and business development. Laurent has been a panelist and speaker at numerous digital marketing events, including SEMrush and IG Affiliates. He prides himself on connecting the dots across disciplines, industries, and technologies to solve unique challenges.
  • Matt Diggity

    Matt Diggity is a search engine optimisation expert focused on affiliate marketing, client ranking, lead generation, and SEO services. He is the founder and CEO of Diggity Marketing, The Search Initiative, Authority Builders, LeadSpring LLC, and host of the Chiang Mai SEO Conference.
  • Owen Baker

    Owen Baker is a content marketer for Voila Norbert, an online email verification tool. He has spent most of the last decade working online for a range of marketing companies. When he’s not busy writing, you can find him in the kitchen mastering new dishes.
  • Andrew Buck

    Andrew is the Head of Marketing at, a suite of promotional marketing tools for Amazon businesses. His goal (and the goal of LandingCube as a business) is to help Amazon sellers get more traffic, higher rankings and more sales using external marketing channels like email and paid ads.
  • Hailey Lucas

    Hailey is a freelance content marketer and full-time digital nomad blogging about all things digital marketing, freelancing, and the digital nomad lifestyle at You can connect with her on LinkedIn or Twitter.
  • Joanne Camarce

    Joanne Camarce is a digital marketing expert specializing in SEO, ecommerce, and social media. Helping run content marketing efforts at, Joanne and her team never fail to deliver great resources to create powerful websites. When she's not wearing her marketing hat, you'll find her fine-tuning her music and art skills.
  • Hannah O'Brien

    Hannah O'Brien writes for digital marketing agency Aumcore, which specializes in generating the prime digital experience paired with a top-notch content marketing plan.
  • Kate Parish

    Kate Parish, Chief Marketing Officer at Onilab with 8+ years of experience in Digital Marketing and website promotion. Kate always strives to stay in pace with the every-advancing online world, and the sphere of IT and PWA development. Her expertise includes in-depth knowledge of SEO, branding, PPC, SMM, and the field of online sales in general.
  • Bob Buckley

    Bob Buckley is the founder of This College Life, where he writes about ways to get into entrepreneurship on a budget. He's also an avid 3D-printing and Arduino enthusiast who enjoys trying to build things in his spare time.
  • Owain Williams

    Owain is a content writer, marketer and agency owner. He is the founder of MAKE IT MANA marketing agency and Editor of Better Business Tools online magazine. When he isn't supporting clients with their marketing needs he is writing content and contributing to industry thought leadership in the marketing space. He is a regular content contributor for Website Builder Expert.
  • Alex Lever

    Alex Lever is the owner and founder of BaseOne Digital, a digital marketing and website design agency for small businesses. Alex studied marketing and business studies all the way through the education system and ultimately graduated with a high 1st in BA, Business Studies from Nottingham Trent University. During that time, he maintained a fond interest in marketing, particularly web design and digital marketing. Alex has worked in the marketing sector since he was 16, undertaking roles in various companies to eventually now setting up his own digital marketing agency in order to put his skills to the test. Since BaseOne Digital's commencement, Alex has worked with (and continues to work with) a wide range of small businesses from all over the UK.
  • Jake Hughes

    Jake is a digital marketing specialist, head of content marketing at Website Builder Ninja, and a contributing writer for a variety of marketing-focused online publications. Website Builder Ninja reviews the world’s leading DIY website builders to help you to find the right platform to grow your online business. Contact Jake on Jake Hughes.
  • Angela White

    Angela White is an ed-tech enthusiast with a passion for writing for the consumer market in the areas of product research and marketing using quizzes and surveys. Having a knack for writing and an editorial mindset, she is an expert researcher at ProProfs , known for creating delightfully smart tools such as their Quiz Maker.
  • Jimmy Rodriguez

    Jimmy Rodriguez is the COO of Shift4Shop, a completely free, enterprise-grade e-commerce solution. He's dedicated to helping internet retailers succeed online by developing digital marketing strategies and optimized shopping experiences that drive conversions and improve business performance.