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WEBINAR: Your Essential Guide to Social Media and SEO Success

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Social media and search marketing are becoming increasingly intertwined. A social media marketing program that fails to optimize content effectively is a waste of your time and effort.

So, how can social media and SEO work together? Join Wordtracker’s in-house SEO expert, Mal Darwen, and Sendible's marketing manager, Johnny Costello, for a powerful webinar looking at simple ways to combine and improve your online presence.

You'll discover how to:

  • Get started with social media and SEO
  • Find popular keywords that generate traffic and sales
  • Optimize your site's content to attract more visits from Google
  • Share content across social platforms - get a greater return for less effort
  • Monitor social chatter and build a strong community around your business
  • Grow your Fans and Followers while gaining new customers

Plus you'll discover how Wordtracker and Sendible's tools can speed up your marketing.

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NB: This webinar has already taken place. Sorry!

About Mal Darwen

Mal Darwen joined Wordtracker in 2008 as part of the Customer Service team, and now as well as running webinars in SEO and how to use the toolset is Product Manager. In the five years since starting with Wordtracker, Mal has also spoken about SEO and keywords at conferences, and has a healthy hand in Wordtracker's tweeting.

When not Wordtracking Mal plays with a band called Praying for the Rain. He also plays guitars and basses with a number of other UK and International artists. He lives in London with his family and two slightly insecure cats.