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Do you want more people visiting your website?

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Then welcome to Wordtracker! It's our mission to help you:

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Why Wordtracker?

We live in an increasingly web-savvy world in which people are accessing the web not only from their home computer, but also from their iPads, smartphones, laptops and more.

When it comes to making buying decisions, more people are using search engines than ever before. A staggering 89% of consumers research online for offline purchases (Source: ComScore).

And the internet is still only a few years old. So if you think online business looks big now, just wait — because it’s only going to get bigger.

So what’s the problem?

Although more people are researching products and services online, getting noticed by these consumers is becoming more and more difficult. Competition is fiercer than ever. Big brands have huge resources at their disposal — and they’re spending billions of dollars a year in the race to the top of the search engine results. (Google websites earned $12.1 billion in search and display ad revenues for the first six months of 2011, according to eMarketer.)

If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur, you may think you don’t have the budget or resources to go toe-to-toe with bigger competitors. You might wonder if it’s worthwhile to invest time and money in an SEO strategy when you’re a rather small fish in a seemingly big pond.

Search marketing made simple

Small businesses can have a distinct advantage over big brands: they can be much more nimble. Meaning, instead of getting caught up in the red tape typical of larger, slow-moving organizations, a small business can act quickly to capitalize on new trends and position their site for success in the search engines.

To beat the big brands at the SEO game all you need is the right knowledge, good SEO tools, and a clear plan of attack.

That's why Wordtracker's here. We provide information and education, keyword research and SEO apps, as well as support and help when you need it.

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Our history

Andy and Mike Mindel

Wordtracker was born in 1998 when brothers Mike and Andy Mindel launched the company's first Keywords tool.

Our online Academy started a few years later. We’ve written thousands of SEO articles, tips, tutorials, videos and case studies and, last year, we had more than 3.1 million visits to our site.

The Academy is a way of educating people how to make their websites search engine-friendly. It includes a list of case studies to show how Wordtracker's tools have helped a wide range of businesses optimize their content and increase traffic to their website.

What the experts say about us

Over the years we've been very lucky that people have said kind things about us. Here are a few of the places we've been featured:

Duct Tape Marketing

WordTracker is a wonderful keyword research tool. Not only does is show you what people are searching for, it gives you tons of suggestions for keyword phrases and computes how much competition you might face for you selected terms. If you want more traffic to your site or just want to better understand what your market is looking for you should explore WordTracker. Duct Tape Marketing


The features that I like in Wordtracker's Link Builder tool are: Ability to prospect by multiple URLs or by choosing a specific keyword; Option to use Fresh or Historic Index via Majestic SEO Link Builder is very, very easy to use. It uses competing link profiles to discover new link targets, and it’s very good at this ... the perfect tool for an SMBs or in-house online marketers with lots of responsibilities and limited budgets. Wiep

SEO Book

I really like what Wordtracker is doing with this tool. Many times you might be working with tools which are just "estimates" and are usually not very accurate anyway. I would say this tool is a more than solid investment for ... any site owner who wants to understand as much as they can about their site, their site's engagement, and to identify areas for increased (or decreased) attention. SEO Book

What our customers say about the Keywords tool

Here's what customers have been saying about Wordtracker. Just click to play:

With thanks to Walton Web Law, http://www.webmarketingnow.com/, SEO copywriting expert, Karon Thackston, http://www.mymusicinc.com, and ConversionPipeline.com.

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