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Ebooks at Wordtracker have been discontinued

Wordtracker no longer sells ebooks directly. Please contact if you have any questions regarding this.

We'd like to thank all of our authors and customers who have supported the Wordtracker library in the past.

_Wordtracker e-books include:_ ### [Profit-Pulling PPC Ads: How to Write Facebook & AdWords Ads that Get Clicked]( Have you ever launched PPC ads that just didn't bring in the results you thought they would? If so, then read this book to find out what went wrong ... []( * A 5-step process for writing irresistible PPC ads * Tips for reducing your cost-per-click (CPC) * 35 tried-and-true ideas to use for your own ads * A 3-step testing method to help optimize your ads' performance * The deadliest PPC sins—and how to avoid them

### [The Definitive Guide to Successful Link Building]( [NEW] []( In the 386-pages of "The Definitive Guide to Successful Link Building" by SEO and link building experts Mark Nunney and Ken McGaffin you'll discover: * Why the ‘old way’ of building links is dead and gone * What Google’s Penguin update really means for link building * How you can find an almost unlimited supply of high quality link prospects * What types of content attract links and how you can create it * How to make your link pitches irresistible to prospects

### [Quick & Easy Keyword Optimization]( [NEW] []( “Quick & Easy Keyword Optimization, Setting up a Profitable Flow of Traffic” by web content expert Karon Thackston you’ll discover: * Where to place keywords on your website for best results * The secrets to writing irresistible title and description tags * How to write SEO copy that sounds natural – not spammy * The outdated keyword myths you’d do best to ignore * How punctuation can make – or break – your optimization efforts * How synonyms and keyword variations can maximize your site's appeal

### [Videotastic! How to make amazing videos and sell more online]( [NEW] []( In online video production expert Gareth Davies' e-book, “Videotastic!,” you’ll learn: * Why web videos are a critical part of the marketing mix * The fundamentals of effective video production * The classic filming mistakes that scream “amateur” * How to optimize your videos for top Google rankings * How to repurpose your video content for maximum returns

### [Wordtracker Masterclass: SEO for Profit]( []( In Mark Nunney's e-book, “SEO for Profit,” you’ll learn: * All about Google's Panda update — and what it means for you * How much time and money you should really be investing in SE * The SEO obstacles you're likely to face — and how to surmount them * How to set up high-converting pay per click (PPC) landing pages * The secrets to creating quality content (lots of it) * The ins and outs of effective link building

### [Killer Headlines for Web Content]( []( In Nick Usborne's e-book, “Killer Headlines for Web Content,” you’ll learn: * 15 Different Approaches to Writing Compelling, Shareable Headlines * Simple everyday words that pack serious headline punch * How to use questions to pique people’s curiosity * How to use controversy to draw readers right in * Why fear makes for powerful headline material * How to use numbered lists to command readers' attention

### [101 Web Content Ideas, Tips and Resources]( []( Post-Panda, providing quality content is even more important than it used to be. Copywriting expert Nick Usborne shares his tips on creating and sharing that content. Just some of the topics in his e-book are: * How and where to find the most engaging ideas for your web content - even if you're the least creative person on the planet * How to create captivating content others will link to * The latest online tools you’ll need for researching and generating new content * How to discover what your readers really want more of

### [Wordtracker Masterclass: Ecommerce Copywriting]( []( Karon Thackston addresses the challenges ecommerce websites face when trying to create copy that converts well while also ranking high with the search engines. You'll learn: * Best-practice SEO copywriting techniques that cover keyword research, keyword selection, internal linking, copy development and more. * How to smoothly integrate keyphrases into your site without bulking up on the content your visitors will read. * Powerful selling principles that you can easily incorporate into your content to build consumer trust and boost revenues.

### [Wordtracker Masterclass: Blogging for Business]( []( Blogging expert Chris Garrett's “Blogging for Business – 50 Steps to Building Traffic and Sales” lays out a practical, step-by-step process for developing a successful blog for your business. You’ll discover: * Why your business needs a blog (yesterday!) * The biggest pitfalls of blogging — and how to avoid them * How to build a following of faithful blog subscribers * Proven tips for converting your blog traffic into actual sales

[]( ### [The Link Publicity Book]( Can’t Afford to Hire a Pricey PR Firm? You Don’t Have To. The good news is that the internet now makes it easier than ever before to get your business in front of journalists and the media. You can use the web to: 1. Find reporters most likely to be interested in your business, and 2. Spread your message across the internet like wildfire! Wordtracker's own link building guru Ken McGaffin tells you how.

[]( ### [Writing Kick-Ass Website Sales Copy]( Copywriting guru Nick Usbourne reveals his secrets for writing sales-exploding website copy. Apply the strategies Nick has laid out every time you write a new page, and you'll be light years ahead of most of your competitors. By building captivating copy around your best keywords and phrases, you'll not only attract more qualified traffic to your site — you'll be able to turn more of that traffic into sales. Are you ready to grow your business online?

[]( ### [The Web Content Recipe book]( Stumped when it comes to creating content for your website? Fear no more! With Wordtracker’s e-book, it’s easy to whip up rich, exciting content that drives more traffic, converts visitors into customers, and establishes your business as an authority. (Yes, even if you’re the worst writer on the planet!) It’s true: no matter how dizzyingly sophisticated your website design, content is still king. Learn the “Secret Recipe” for outstanding website content and discover 21 irresistible content ideas.

### Wordtracker Basics - free guides to search marketing The e-books and guides below are written as introductions to keyword research, SEO, and online marketing. They are all free: []( ### [SEO Made Simple]( *SEO Made Simple* is Wordtracker's 99-page ‘crash course’ on profitable search engine optimization, and written by SEO expert Mark Nunney. Discover how to: * Find the right keywords for a new website * Plan and structure your site's content * Get other sites to link to yours (an SEO must!) * Create engaging content that people will link to and share

[]( ### [Link Building Made Simple]( The 84-page *Link Building Made Simple* guide is the perfect introduction to creating link building campaigns that will get you noticed on the web. And it's been updated for 2013. Discover: * What is a quality link * How to get links without asking * What are the benefits that links bring to your site * Why another site would link to you

[]( ### [PPC Basics]( Wordtracker teamed up with Trace Ronning to produced PPC Basics, an easy-to-follow guide to setting up a successful Google Adwords campaign. You'll learn: * How to structure your campaigns for maximum efficiency. * How Google ranks adverts – so you can get more clicks for less money. * How to use AdWords' advanced features, like site links, to target traffic to the right part of your site. * How to target customers based on where they live, or even what device they're using.