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Remember last minute keywords for easy targets and higher returns

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In an extract from his 50 Kick-Ass Keyword Strategies book, SEO legend Aaron Wall who has a few SEO tools of his own, reminds us that keywords used by last minute shoppers should convert better, pay more and be easier to target than more popular keywords. Additional material from Mark Nunney shows you how to find those keywords with Wordtracker.

Some broad keywords such as flowers may be associated with a wide array of ideas – pictures, growing instructions, seeds, animations, clip art, or any number of other ideas. The broad nature of the keyword means there is a limited amount of focused commercial demand.

But what if I forget that tomorrow is my wife’s birthday, or our anniversary? Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Instead of searching for flowers or flower delivery, I might search for next day flowers or same day flower delivery. The urgency associated with such search queries indicates that a person is much more likely to purchase flowers. Not only are these searches more likely to convert better, they are also likely to be willing to spend more for the product, and pay extra for shipping.

Some other areas with common urgent keywords are prescription drugs, payday loans, payment delivery, parcel delivery, Valentine’s day gifts, and tuxedo rentals. Not everyone will search for dates. Many will look for things like instant payday loans.

Around the holidays, many last minute shoppers look at shipping details when deciding who to buy from. Make shipping details clearly available upfront and watch your conversion rates improve.

This is one of 50 keyword strategies in Aaron's 50 Kick-Ass Keyword Strategies book. You can buy it here and ask for your money back if you're not happy.

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How to find last minute keywords with Wordtracker, by Mark Nunney

Below, Mark Nunney gives a simple step-by-step guide you can use to find the precious last-minute keywords that Aaron writes about.

1) Choose your core seed keyword, eg flowers.

2) List your modifiers, eg:

  • next day
  • same day
  • overnight
  • courier
  • 24-hour
  • 24 hour

3) Use a spreadsheet and a simple formula to concatenate the core keywords with the modifiers. Then copy the results ready to paste them into Wordtracker.

To help, I’ve made a spreadsheet in a Google Doc you can download and use here.

Or if you prefer to play in the cloud then you can use the editable version of the same spreadsheet here. You can use that publicly editable version to share your own ideas directly with other users. Add a link to your spreadsheets using the comments below.

Here’s a grab of the spreadsheet:

4) To add more modifiers:

a Insert more rows in step 2 above.

b Insert the same number of rows in step 3.

c Copy an existing step 3 cell and paste into the new step 3 cells. This replicates the concatenating formula.

5) Paste your new seed words into the Wordtracker Keywords Tool. See grab showing search options configured for Broad Match (any keywords containing the seed keywords) and to include misspellings and plurals:

6) Edit and save the all important results. In our flowers example, we have 133 keyword and content ideas and you can see the first 10 in the image below:

The Wordtracker Keywords Tool lets you save your search results into Lists and Projects so you can develop and use them over time.

7) You can now build pages to target those searching for the found keywords. Follow the search engine optimization process outlined here or just go straight to learning how to successfully optimize a page for over 10,000 keywords.

For more great keyword research ideas try Aaron’s 50 Kick-Ass Keyword Strategies. If you don’t like it you can ask for your money back.

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