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Search engine optimization (SEO) can be the single most cost effective way of attracting traffic and sales to your website. Yet, SEO is constantly changing. It’s difficult for most small businesses and entrepreneurs to keep up. That’s why, today, Wordtracker is making SEO simpler. We’re launching a new version of our Keywords tool that’s got loads of great new features, but is faster and easier to use.

When Wordtracker was founded 14 years ago, there were fewer than 26 million web pages. By 2000, Google was reporting 1 billion pages Today, there are trillions. Throughout that time, search engine optimization (SEO) has become more complex and competitive. As a result, many businesses and entrepreneurs feel they don’t have the time, budget or resources to compete with the big brands.

Yet, in one very important way, smaller businesses have a distinct advantage over their larger competitors: they can be much more agile. To beat the bigger brands, you need a little knowledge, good SEO tools, and a clear plan of attack.

Which is where Wordtracker can help. Today, we’re launching three time-saving new features in our Keywords tool:

  • Faster keyword research. Get more done in less time.
  • Automatic site audits. Keep your site SEO friendly, always.
  • Weekly SERPs ranking reports. Don’t miss out on valuable traffic.

Wordtracker Keywords tool dashboard
Wordtracker’s new Keywords tool makes SEO easier. It helps you find keywords quickly, will track your site’s SERPs rankings, and automatically audits your site.

Find keywords faster

In today's ultra-competitive business world, productivity reigns supreme. You need to make the best use of your time, each and every day. Wordtracker’s new Keywords tool will help you find thousands of keywords in a matter of seconds. You can find keywords for SEO or PPC. And choose between Wordtracker and Google data.

Google and Wordtracker data
Why waste time searching for keywords in lots of different places? Wordtracker provides all the keyword data you need in one simple interface.

Keyword research is only the beginning ...

Keyword research should be at the foundation of any good SEO campaign - but your SEO certainly shouldn’t stop there. You’ll also need a properly structured site, with keyword rich page titles and headings, lots of inbound links, a good social media strategy, and much more. The new Wordtracker Keywords tool not only makes keyword research faster and easier, but also helps with your site structure, on-page optimization and results tracking, all in one package.

Create a Google-friendly site structure

If you’re serious about SEO, you’ll want to create a clear site structure that users and search engines can easily navigate. The new Keywords tool will help you map out your site structure, showing the keywords you wish to target on each page.

Wordtracker site structure
Creating a clear site structure couldn’t be easier. Just drag and drop the keywords you want to target.

Get Live Competition data

You don’t want to wast time targeting keywords that won’t bring you traffic. Serious SEOs will want to check out the competition.

Within each keyword niche you can pick the best keywords by assessing competition and volume from both the Wordtracker and Google databases. Using our new Live Competition metric you can assess keywords based on the strength of the sites that already rank for those keywords. So, you’ll have a sense of how much work is needed BEFORE you start trying to attract traffic.

Wordtracker live competition
With a single click, you can find the competition for any keyword.

Once you’ve decided which keywords you want to target, you’ll want to create Google-friendly page titles and descriptions. The Title and Description Wizard simplifies the task - and checks that you’re targeting the right keywords.

Wordtracker title and description wizard
The Title and Description Wizard helps you write SEO-friendly copy. It even checks that you’ve included your target keywords.

The keywords you have targeted are shown alongside the title and description, so you can see which you need to include. We’ll underline any specific words you have missed out and mark off the keywords as you use them.

A premium Wordtracker subscription makes keyword research faster, easier and more effective. That means you can attract more website traffic without giving up hours of your valuable time.

You can can take a free 7-day trial of the new Keywords tool But, don’t look yet, there are loads more features to tell you about first.

Site Audits highlight SEO obstacles

Once your website grows in size, it’s easy to miss out on search engine traffic for important keywords. Maybe you forgot to add a title tag to an important page? Or, maybe you created a description that Google doesn’t like, because it’s too long? These simple mistakes are easy to make, and difficult to spot.

That’s why we’ve created the Site Audit. The new Keywords tool will automatically crawl your site and look for SEO problems. It highlights missing page titles and descriptions, notifies you when headings are too long, and spots broken links.

Wordtracker site audit graph
Finding SEO problems on your site just got a whole lot easier with Wordtracker’s Site Audit.

Sometimes a site audit will produce a technical problem that doesn’t have an obvious solution. That’s why we’ve created support material that explains how to perform a site audit and prioritize your work and describes each site error and how to fix it

Title tags
Create a site audit and you’ll be able to pinpoint specific problems that need fixing. In this case, we’re looking for pages where the title is too long for Google (70 characters and above.)

Once you’ve got a well-structured, well-optimized site, you need to track how well it’s performing. This is where the new ranking reports come in.

Track your SERPs rankings

Tracking your site’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) is an easy way of measuring your SEO performance. Knowing where your site ranks for each of the keywords you’re targeting will inform your strategy. It should help focus your optimization efforts.

For many SEO agencies, SERPs results are a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) that consultants use to demonstrate their successes to clients. Wordtracker’s new Ranking feature allows you to track rankings accurately, consistently and automatically, week after week.

Google ranking performance
You can track your site’s SERPs rankings as well as your competitors' sites.

We check your site’s position in Google’s rankings and return the information in a clear, concise format. You can then create your own charts within the tool.

You can find out more about running SERPs ranking reports here

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