Stuff we like 16 October 2014

Posted by Jo Cameron on 16 Oct, 2014
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Voice search trends, an app that makes group discussions easier to follow, and two Chrome extensions.

Are you talking to your device, asking it questions? Then chances are you’re a teen watching tv, or an adult cooking - according to a study commissioned by Google.

Though it’s already helping a lot of people save time and simplify their days, there’s also potential for voice search to do a lot more in the future.

What do you wish voice search could do for you?

What do you wish voice search couldn do for you?

Continuing on in the area of devices and communication the gang at Transcense are working on a crowdfunded project to make group discussions easier to follow for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. The colour-coded transcript certainly looks appealing and I can imagine the app would be welcomed across many business and social scenarios. I do wonder how long transcripts would be saved for, it would be great for taking minutes in business meetings however I’m cautious of the implications of having an easily referable transcript of private conversations.

Transcense connects to multiple smartphones and leverages their microphones to listen and interpret the conversation, right into the participants screen.

Transcense app for deaf or hard of hearing

I stumbled across this beautiful Chrome extension on Linkedin which displays an aerial satellite image on every new tab you open. Initially I thought it would distract me - ‘opens tab, oooo, pretty landscape….what was I doing again?’ but it’s actually a nice visual respite from grey gradient backgrounds.

Google Chrome extension aerial images

And while you’re in the Chrome web store why not try out the Wordtracker Scout extension, use it to generate keyword ideas and lovely keyword clouds.

Wordtracker Keyword Scout

Now back to opening tabs...see you next time!


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