How to use Facebook to improve customer retention and acquisition [infographic]

Posted by Rebecca Appleton on 2 Feb, 2016
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Improving products and services to fit buyer needs is a surefire way to retain their custom.

Likewise, optimizing landing pages, posting social media content that your customers and potential customers are sure to love and producing adverts that really hit home with your target market make retaining and attracting new customers a lot easier.

But how to go about this? Salesforce has created a brand new infographic with the answer to that very question, all easily achieved using Facebook Audience Insights. Using data available from Facebook, the infographic shows you how to create buyer personas and analyze your audience to better understand their likes and needs.

With this method, you can drill down to the foundations of what makes your customers tick and create profiles of those who buy from you. From here, you can incorporate this knowledge into your marketing strategy and use it to tailor your content and digital activity to resonate better with those clients you already have, while also attracting new business. The result? Improved customer retention and easier customer acquisition.


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