How to do social media for bricks and mortar stores [infographic]

Posted by Rebecca Appleton on 9 Oct, 2017
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Even if you don't sell online, you can still harness the power of social media for your bricks and mortar store.

Today’s consumer is digitally minded, even when they’re in-store. Powered by smartphone and tablet devices, it’s not unusual for shoppers to share images from a store, write reviews or discuss your stock on social media while physically present at your location.

In fact, 72% of millennial shoppers will browse your site and check you out on social media before they even set foot through your front door.

With the 2017 Mary Meeker Internet Trends report finding that even major brands like CVS and Macy’s are falling victim to location closures as a result of online competition, there’s no way to ignore the power of the Internet as a bricks and mortar retailer.

Even if your store hasn’t yet invested in an ecommerce site and you only sell from your location, you can still leverage social media to drive more footfall and help boost your takings.

Read on to find out how to get started and which social platform would be most suitable for your business. Then use social media to encourage in-store purchases, get more shoppers through the door, monitor your reputation, build shopper loyalty and get insights into the customer experience.


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