Entrepreneurs and social media – what’s the fear?

Posted by Rebecca Appleton on 13 Sep, 2016
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At first glance, entrepreneurs and social media seem like a match made in heaven, but many are hesitant to take the plunge. We'll reveal why, and how to get around the stumbling blocks.

Many entrepreneurs admit to being unsure about immersing themselves in social media’s many opportunities. Why? Researchers at the UAB Collat School of Business unearthed several stumbling blocks:

  • A lack of time
  • A lack of confidence
  • A lack of faith in social media’s impact
  • A lack of equipment

Do you find that you use social media more for personal reasons than for your business? Are you afraid that you don’t know how to correctly leverage social media for your brand? This infographic, by the research team at the UAB Collat School of Business, shows what you can do to ease into social media, as well as highlighting pitfalls to work around.

Source: http://businessdegrees.uab.edu/resources/infographics/entrepreneurs-and-social-media/

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