Google introduces AMP featured snippets in mobile search results

Posted by Rebecca Appleton on 12 Sep, 2017
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Google has confirmed that AMP links can now be displayed in the search engine’s position zero – the space at the very top of the search results on mobile search.

Position zero is typically used to display featured snippets- helpful chunks of information which often answer a question style search query. The confirmation that AMP pages are now eligible for this spot is another evolution in both mobile search and the proliferation of AMP.

Previously, when searching on mobile, the featured snippet would default to the mobile page, rather than the AMP version of the page. Now, this has been changed so the AMP page itself can appear as the featured snippet. This is significant because it gives publishers an additional way to drive visitors to their AMP content and means AMP content can now be even more visible thanks to its eligibility for the coveted position zero listing.

When an AMP page is used as a featured snippet, it is marked with the standard AMP icon:

While AMP links can now appear as featured snippets on mobile, they don’t always claim that spot. Some searches still return standard mobile pages as a snippet, rather than AMP links, even when a search is conducted on a mobile device. 


Despite AMP now being eligible for featured snippets, Google says it is not a ranking factor. The change is significant though because it shows a further move forward for AMP content and a definite step forward for mobile as the predominant online environment.

AMP AdWords landing pages also launch

In a second AMP development, Google has also announced that over the course of the next two weeks, AMP landing pages for search text ads will be rolled out globally. This change means advertisers will be able to set an AMP page as their ad landing page, aiding those search users who expect a fast and seamless experience on mobile.

Google says that directing search ads to AMP landing pages gives a better ad experience. With landing page experience a factor in ad rank and click through pricing, this development should be embraced when it becomes available.

If you aren’t yet using AMP, you can find out more about it and what it means for your brand in our understanding AMP blog post.

For more on the basics of featured snippets, read guest blogger Maria Camanes’ recent post on optimizing for featured snippets to outrank your competition.



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