25 years of SEO [Infographic]

Posted by Jo Cameron on 21 Jan, 2015
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A fascinating look at the last 25 years of search engines and the development of SEO.

Thanks for Keyword Eye for this great infographic that takes us through the last 25 years of SEO.

Despite all the pre-emptive Twitter and Facebook hoaxes over the last few years, 2015 (Oct 21 to be exact) is the future from which Marty McFly goes back to, so now is as good a time as any to take a merry wander with us down memory lane.

Search engine optimization techniques have evolved over time alongside search engine updates. The vast amount of websites popping up online each year (a massive 673m in 2013) means there is always more work to be done by engines to index sites. It also means there is more and more content available to the searching public. I still remember being taught how to search for a dress pattern in the mid nineties on the school computer. There were almost no results for the Aussie term "formal dresses", we quickly figured out that the American "prom dress" was much more fruitful.

Jerry from Parks & Recreation using the internet

As the power of search engines and number of sites have increased the knowledge and skills of the searching public also continues to grow. Although I'm sure we all know a Jerry from Parks & Recreation, and perhaps we've all been there ourselves once upon a time.

Where the needs of searchers, the objectives of engines and the techniques of website owners and SEOs converge exists a wonderful place where the information resource of our age propels us beyond the future of hoverboards and self-lacing shoes.

I'd love to know what memories have stuck with you over the last 25 years of searching, performing SEO and creating website content. Let us know in the comments below!

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