The 5 biggest internet marketing predictions for 2016

Posted by Rebecca Appleton on 2 Dec, 2015
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With 2016 almost upon us, we’re looking into our crystal ball to see what the next 12 months might look like in search.

With the end of the year comes an onslaught of recaps and predictions – 2015 was the year of Snapchat and Instagram, two platforms nobody could predict would take off the way they did at the start of the year. Social media commerce came of age and mobile internet usage topped desktop search.

With the New Year in site, we wanted to take a look at what 2016 might hold. After all, if you know what’s hot and what’s not, you can tailor your marketing accordingly and make sure you’re focusing your efforts where you’ll make the biggest impact.

If you’re sitting down to plan activity for the next quarter, cast your eye over this new Infographic first and let us know how it influences your planning and decision making for 2016. 

Source: Social Media Today

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