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Posted by Saby Salvatierra on 23 Jul, 2014
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Pinterest lead in user satisfaction, our academy redesign and JustUnfollow

In another survey this week by ACSI we saw that both Facebook and LinkedIn are still the worst in the industry in terms of user satisfaction.

Who loves Pinterest? Evidently a lot of us! The ACSI said in a statement:

"Pinterest has made steady gains with pinners over the past three years, but improved features and search functions now push Pinterest to the top of the social media category for the first time"

ACSI also looked into some of the ads we see. Director David VanAmburg said:

“Advertising continues to be a drag on the social media customer experience, but it is hard to tell if consumers are getting used to the advertising or if these companies have been able to offset disruption with tweaks to the rest of the experience.” 

Speaking of user satisfaction, Pinterest posted on their blog some news. Next time you visit one of your favorite categories, you’ll find each category has a whole new selection of specialized interests all ready for you to explore.

Pretty cool don’t you think? Pinterest just seems to be getting better and better! This feature is also the perfect to discover like-minded Pinners like you too.

Buzzfeed posted an article aimed at the Brits this week "41 things no british person can ever forget from primary schoolDefinitely one for reminiscing! My personal favorite:

Exciting news  - our Wordtracker Academy has been redesigned! So head on over and let us know what you think. Whether you’re new to the industry or just looking to brush up Keyword Research, SEO, Social Media we have articles to help you! Stay tuned for some more updated content. If you feel that you have valuable content you wish to contribute then feel free to email us.

Lastly, our app of the week goes to JustUnfollow (android version) - this is the perfect app to track your unfollowers, followers and most importantly inactive users on Twitter and Instagram. If you’re looking to do a clean up, then this one is for you!

Here’s what a reviewer had to say:

"If you have lots of followers this app is an essential tool to keep track of your followers and non followers. See your instant none followers sort out the fakes."

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