Google replacing Trusted Stores program with new Customer Reviews

Posted by Rebecca Appleton on 11 Apr, 2017
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Google has announced that its Customer Reviews program, which will replace the longstanding Google Trusted Stores, has been rolled out in several more countries this month.

Merchants in these countries can now sign up to Google Customer Reviews – a service which the search engine says will help online retailers to collect valuable feedback from customers who make a purchase via their website. The reviews collected are also eligible for use with seller ratings on Google Search and Display ads, providing a more cohesive experience for shoppers and ecommerce sites alike.

How it works

Google Customer Reviews

Image source: Google

The Google Customer Reviews program gives customers the option to take a survey after completing an online order from an ecommerce site. Shoppers are invited to opt in to the survey from the site’s checkout page and can then rate their experiences via a brief questionnaire.

The ecommerce site must display a Google Customer Reviews badge on their site, with the badge showing the seller’s current rating and providing a link to the seller rating landing page. Most sellers will be required to meet a minimum threshold of 150 reviews submitted within the last 12 months in order for a seller rating to appear on the Google Customer Reviews badge.

The survey

Customers who opt in to the survey will receive an email from the search engine after they complete their purchase. The survey asks shoppers to rate their experience using a scale of one to five stars, with additional room for other comments provided.

How seller ratings are used

For those with a strong seller rating and lots of strong reviews, the badge provides a visible showcase of great customer service. This can help to instill consumer confidence and generate additional purchases. Reviews also appear as ad extensions, which can help paid search ads to gain an edge over competitors. Google says that having a review extension displayed on a text ad can increase click throughs by as much as 10%. Seller ratings also appear on Google Shopping listings, which can again help to increase click throughs and conversions.

The importance of online reviews

Recent research has shown that more and more online shoppers rely on online reviews to help with purchase decisions. A good review can encourage a consumer new to your business to place their trust in you and choose your product or service over those of similar brands. Likewise, a negative review can send would-be shoppers to rivals.

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Available countries

Customer Reviews has been made available in  United States, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan and Australia this week. It was previously launched in Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Czechia, Denmark, India, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, and Russia.

Read the full announcement from Google here:

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