Google will be able to block ads at page level rather than sitewide

Posted by Rebecca Appleton on 16 May, 2017
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Google has revealed two AdSense updates, based on direct feedback from publishers. One change means Google is now able to block ads on a page level rather than sitewide for AdSense policy violations.

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The changes announced earlier this week affect how AdSense policies are enforced and communicated, aiming to bring more transparency and less disruption for publishers

The search engine says one of the top requests from publishers is for more transparency when it comes to their AdSense accounts, specifically in how policy violations on content are dealt with. Publishers also want more information when ads are removed from websites and more assistance resolving issues, to minimize the amount of revenue lost when adverts are taken down.

With these requests in mind, Google has made two key updates:

Policy actions at page level

Google is introducing new technology to help streamline how policy violations, are dealt with, meaning that quicker and more precise action will be taken when content violates AdSense policy.   The key change here is that only pages violating the content policy will have ads removed, other pages on the site which are compliant will be unaffected. Previously, actions were taken sitewide so any infringement on one page resulted in ads being removed from across the domain.

Site level actions will still be used, Google warns, but only when necessary, and, publishers will still find their AdSense accounts terminated if they are persistently in violation of the content policy.  This change is good news for publishers, who will only see their AdSense revenue hit on problem pages, rather than across the site as a whole. It should also make the reasons for ads being pulled clearer, with publishers easily able to identify the offending page.

A new Policy Center for AdSense publishers

A new Policy Center has been announced as the second update, giving publishers a one-stop shop for information about policy actions affecting their pages and site. The Center has already been trialed with a select group of AdSense publishers and will now be made available to everyone. Google says in just a few weeks, all of its publishers will be able to easily access more information about why actions have been taken and the violations found. Action data will be presented at page level, helping publishers to determine what needs to be changed with step-by-step instructions. Publishers can then use the Policy Center to tell Google when the offending pages have been edited and violations resolved by requesting a review for reinstatement.

Read the full announcement from Google here:

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