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Posted by Wordtracker on 7 Jan, 2011
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Following on from the first post on our PPC tools survey, here are some more interesting results from one of the main questions, writes Mike Theodoulou:

What is your biggest question or challenge in Pay Per Click right now?

We had a lot of replies to this, ranging from the very specific (getting ads to display for small accounts, tracking calls and the like), to the very general. We grouped the results into 10 main themes, and the split looked like this:

Biggest PPC challenge

As we can see, the four big pain points for PPC practitioners are:

  • Spend/Costs/Profit: Unsurprisingly most of our respondents are looking to make their campaigns cost the least for the most Return On Investment (ROI).

  • Knowledge/Learning: Many of the answers indicated that with better info available, campaigns could be improved. Others were more straightforward, just asking for knowledge. Interestingly both agency people and sole traders came right out and said that they could benefit from more knowledge.

  • Best Keywords: Now in our opinion this overlaps a lot with the ROI issue, as we would say that the underlying issue here is to get the best keywords for the business in question to thrive.

  • Creating Ads and Campaigns: While some said that it was the time it took to build campaigns that was a real pain, others were also looking for the right way to do this.

Of course, there is a lot of overlap between the themes here, as there was in answers. Many people cited the need for more knowledge in conjunction with how to get the best keywords, or how to improve quality score.

As you see, this was a big, meaty question which threw up a lot of interesting answers. Do you think our respondents got it right? Do you have some completely different PPC bugbears? Drop us a comment below and let us know!

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