Google expands mobile shopping results for the holiday season

Posted by Rebecca Appleton on 29 Nov, 2017
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Google has extended the amount of information it displays on mobile shopping results in time for the busy holiday period.

The changes are part of a slew of advances Google has rolled out in recent works across its AdWords platform. Last week it previewed four innovations which will live in the new look AdWords, and prior to that, a series of new omni-channel shopping features to help marketers coordinate online and offline marketing efforts.

The extended mobile shopping features include:

  • Greater product information
  • Side by side comparisons
  • Buying guides

Extended product information

When searching for gift ideas from a mobile device, search users will now see a redesigned mobile shopping feed. The new look prioritizes product information, with a ‘Quick View’ button which allows the user to preview a larger product image, product reviews and a seller rating. There’s also an option to check if the item is on sale and visually similar and related products displayed below, giving more shopping options.

Buying Guides

Get shopping information in a snap. Now with a single search, you can quickly find product photos, videos, reviews, descriptions and more.

— Google (@Google) November 14, 2017

Many mobile shoppers use their smartphone or tablet devices to research possible purchases and compare products. On Nov 14th, Google said that it had made a knowledge panel update so it was quicker and easier to see product photos, videos, reviews, descriptions and more. It’s followed this up with the launch of buying guides – these give a more detailed insight into products within a broad shopping category, such as coffee grinders or noise cancelling headphones.

Users will be able to compare specs, reviews, prices and other helpful information side by side, allowing them to make better purchase decisions. For those searching for a tech buy, such as a new digital camera or games console, a label will alert users that they’re looking at an older model and inform them a newer version is available.

Voice Search

One area where mobile use is driving a shopping change is with growing voice search around the holiday shopping season. While Google didn’t usher in any new features or functionalities in this space, it did note that consumers are increasingly turning to Google Home and Google Assistant to purchase everyday items such as kitchen utensils, paper towel and pet food in the run up to the holidays.

Read the full post on having a merry mobile holiday with Google in the official blog.

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