Bing makes improvements to Ads Editor in latest release

Posted by Rebecca Appleton on 25 Apr, 2017
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Bing's recent update makes some useful changes to improve the functionality of its Ads Editor and iron out some existing issues.


The search engine has announced the release of v11.10 of the tool, and confirmed it will now support Review Extensions, offer a better keyword import option and provide improvements to audience association creation for remarketing.

Review Extensions

Bing Ads Review Extensions

Reviews are becoming an ever hotter topic this year. Hot on the heels of Google confirming that it was replacing its Trusted Stores program with Google Customer Reviews, Bing has also placed a new focus on Reviews.

It says Review Extensions (where an advertiser’s star rating and reviews from certain third party sites can be displayed alongside a Bing ad) can help build customer trust. The new release of Ads Editor makes this process easier with the ability to manage Review Extensions in bulk. Up to 20 Review Extensions can be associated with each ad group and campaign. Ad Extensions can also be shared between ad groups. When the user clicks on the review, they’ll be directed to a third party review source.

Improvements to audience associations for remarketing

Audience associations for remarketing have also been streamlined in the new Ads Editor release in order to speed up the process of adjusting bid modifiers. With the latest version of the Editor, advertisers are now given the option to adjust the bid modifier between -90% and +900% when creating audience associations for remarketing via paid search. A default adjustment value of +15% will be set for all new audience associations.

Improved keyword import

The improved Ads Editor has also made keyword import easier for advertisers by recognizing when a keyword is specified as a phrase or exact match type. For example, you can now specify the phrase match "cars" and the exact match [cars]. The Ads Editor will recognize the “ and [ symbols and import the keywords as a phrase and exact match type respectively. If you don’t use a phrase or exact match type symbol, the keyword will be imported as a broad match.

These changes to Ads Editor alleviate some exisiting issues and improve functionality, making it easier to use for paid managers everywhere. However it still might not be enough to entice users over from Adwords.

Will you be giving the new platform a try? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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