Video marketing increases click through rates by 65%

Posted by Rebecca Appleton on 13 Oct, 2015
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As the final quarter of 2015 gets underway, this infographic offers some food for thought on perhaps one of the most neglected areas of digital activity – video marketing.

Many brands, especially small businesses, are put off by the sheer amount of work and resources needed to create a video. There’s little denying that it is easier and quicker to write a blog post or pay a graphic designer to create an infographic than storyboard a video, develop the concept, hire the equipment, find someone to shoot and edit it then get it out there.

With increased mobile video viewing, it turns out video marketing is actually worth the effort;

  • 52% of marketing professionals say video gets them the best ROI of any other form of content

  • Simply using the word ‘video’ in an email subject line boosts open rates by 19%

  • And increased click through rates by as much as 65%

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