Statistics from the Super Bowl [infographic]

Posted by Rebecca Appleton on 16 Feb, 2017
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The Super Bowl is the biggest night in US Sports but game day weekend is also hugely important for marketers.

Media Kix has delved deep into the sea of stats surrounding TV viewership, social media, and the intersection of digital and traditional ads before, during, and after the Super Bowl. It has crunched the numbers to examine how the time and money spent translates to a demonstrable impact on viewers, advertisers, consumers and internet engagement. Here are some of the big numbers being considered:

  • The total TV audience for this year’s big game equaled 113.7 million people

  • 1.72 million people watched it via a live stream

  • 65 brands shared $510 million in ad revenue

  • There were 27.6 million Super Bowl related Tweets


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