The most popular platform for eCommerce websites [Infographic]

Posted by Jo Cameron on 6 Jan, 2015
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Setting up your own online shop can be a bit overwhelming so it's always interesting to see what tools are popular.

Magento is a vastly popular content manangement system (CMS) eCommerce platform which boasted 5 million+ downloads in Dec 2014.

Magento has an Community Edition which is free and open source. Its main benefits are that it's very powerful and customizable. Which means your customers have a pleasant experience and as the administrator you have the ability to manage stock, orders and customers efficiently.

Magento can handle an astonishing amount of products and a heafty amount of orders per hour. And with built in upsell and crossover options you're likely to see an increase in your average order value. When I've used Magento previously this upsell option was a great tool for encouraging those additional items (would you like fries with that?)

Big brands use it, like Samsung and Nike, but is this an indication that a sizable budget is required? I'm not sure I would attempt to set up a Magento site from scratch without some development knowledge under my belt.

Which eCommerce platform do you use? And what features do you like the most?

This infographic is courtesy of Magento Extensions.

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