Mastering body language in business [Infographic]

Posted by Jo Cameron on 11 Feb, 2015
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Good body language is key to communicating effectively in the workplace and will help you take the next step in your career.

Have you got a job interview coming up? A big pitch? Or perhaps you're planning to ask for a promotion. By reviewing your body language you could be improving your changes of succeeding. Many thanks to Gengo, in collaboration with Dr. Nick Morgan for this great infographic.

The key areas to focus on when improving body language

1. So, why is body language important in business?

Are you aware of how many visual cues we send out constantly and unconsciously? Did you know we can produce over 250,000 facial gestures? I'm sure Jim Carey is pushing the 300,000 mark. Time to reign in that furrowed brow and work on presenting a positive exterior.

While we generally absorb the majority of our natural environment visually, the most information we store in a combination of audio and visual. And the fickle creatures we are it only takes 7 seconds to make our minds up about someone upon first meeting them.

In the tiny amount of time you have to impress make sure you're putting your best foot forward.

The 6 universal visual signs

If you're one of those lucky people with a resting face of an angry troll, or if you've ever had someone approach you and helpfully say "don't worry it might not happen", then it's probably worth thinking about your first impression resting face. Imaging Mr Disgust face below strolling in to your office for a job interview. 


6 universal facial signs

Using the correct body language in conjunction with vocal tone and a considered choice of words will enable you to approach difficult situations in the workplace, improve client relationships and get that awesome job you're after.

Let me know in the comments below about your experiences with good/bad body language in business.

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