How to repurpose your influencer marketing content to get maximum value

Posted by Shane Barker on 8 Nov, 2017
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If you’ve recently run an influencer marketing campaign and haven’t used the content in other ways, you could be missing a trick. Find out how to get more from your investment by repurposing the content.


You know that influencer marketing is one of the hottest trends in internet marketing. It helps brands achieve goals that no other marketing technique can. And it can do so effectively, even on its own. But did you know that you can repurpose your influencer marketing content to drive a higher ROI from it?

Why repurpose influencer marketing content?

Repurposing the content created by your influencers will allow you to get the most out of your influencer marketing campaigns (and your budget). Regardless of the size of your campaign, repurposing your content can help you to generate more traffic and drive further sales.

However, influencers may hold the rights to their content. Keep in mind that you might need to get permission to repost their content on your own page. You should acquire exclusive rights to reuse their content for reposting or to be used in advertisements. This can be either for a fixed time period or indefinitely.

In this post you’ll learn how to repurpose your influencer marketing content to derive its maximum value. But before discussing the various ways it can be done, here are a few reasons why you should:

  • It saves time since it’s easier to repurpose a piece of content than to create a new one.
  • It’s tried and tested and you know that it’s effective. You already know what content has been attracting your key audience which frees your time up to focus on other parts of your strategy such as increasing reach or maximizing budgets.
  • Moreover, you also know who all the content has been able to attract. So this time the campaign can be tailored to specifically target the different sections of your audience.

How to repurpose influencer marketing content

Repurposing influencer content into other content formats can help to drive more value from the time and cost of the original influencer campaign. Here are a few ways you can put influencer content to work for you in new formats once the original influencer campaign has ended:

#1. Repost influencer content on social media

The first and most obvious way way to get more mileage from your influencer content is to share it on your own social media accounts or company website. This serves to broaden the reach of the content, which in turn can generate more traffic and more engagement. Making a point of re-sharing influencer content on your own channels also shows your appreciation for the work the influencer has put into the campaign for your brand. Of course, reposting and re-sharing the content can ensure a higher ROI.

This is a popular tactic with a recent report by Bloglovin’ revealing that more than 70% of marketing professionals reuse influencer content on their own social media pages.

This screenshot shows repurposed content by The Body Shop on Instagram. By simply posting the influencer’s content to share with their own fans, the same image received almost 13,000 additional likes.

Zoella Body Shop

The content was originally posted by Zoelle, a British blogger who has more than 11 million Instagram followers.

#2. Reuse the content for advertisements

You can save on ad design costs by reusing your influencer marketing content for advertising.

The Bloglovin’ survey showed that one in five respondents admitted they reuse their influencers’ content for advertisements on other sites. Another 14% revealed that they repurpose it for programmatic ads.

Such ads may, for example,include a repurposed image of the influencer wearing or using a product sold by the brand. Accompanied by a strong pitch, advertisements like this can make a strong case for the product shown.

#3. Repurpose the content in email campaigns

Reposting on social media is well enough, but you should also  repurpose the content in your email marketing campaigns.

There are a number of ways you can put influencer content to work in your email marketing. You can use the content for storytelling for example or, as a form of endorsement. This might take the form of personal experiences from your influencers, sharing their opinions and content generated from their use of your products or services.

Think hard here about how much of the influencer content you include in your email. It may be enough to include an image or a quote and then have a call to action directing subscribers through to your website to read the influencer content in full.

#4. Use influencer content as testimonials

It’s always a good idea to have a reviews or testimonials page on your site. Reviews are a powerful form of recommendation, with 8 out of 10 consumers trusting an online review as much as a personal recommendation. You can use this to your advantage by repurposing  the content created by influencers into a testimonial or review for your company, products or services.

One way to do this and to really maximise the content itself is to use a photo of the influencer along with an excerpt from their original piece of content. Influencer endorsement is often perceived to be more important than reviews provided by other customers. If you have other images or videos to accompany the excerpt, publish those too, giving your readers a few different ways to engage with the review or testimonial. It can also be more powerful to bolster a text review with pictures and video clips so, if you have plenty of influencer content to choose from, you may be able to reuse a host of different elements to create a very powerful testimonial.

The testimonial doesn’t have to live on your testimonial page or interior page either. The following screenshot is taken from Marucci's official website and shows how it uses influencer testimonials on its homepage. Of course, this works best when the influencer is very well known.



#5. Use your influencer marketing content in guest posts

Guest posting has several benefits. It’s great for SEO and a tried and tested way of building links, driving traffic and building brand awareness. If you can repurpose your influencer marketing content as a guest post, it can help you to reach a wider audience.

You’ll usually develop a wealth of great quality content when you carry out an influencer marketing campaign. However, that content may only end up reaching a specific audience (the influencer’s own followers) without repurposing. By using that same content in a guest post you contribute to, you can ensure it reaches a much wider audience. This can not only help to build more backlinks, it can also help to increase your brand visibility and authority.

#6. Acquire more user-generated content

Another creative way of repurposing influencer content is by using it to ask others to share their own experiences too.

Select an influencer image that has performed very well in the past. Then post it alongside a message encouraging your audience to share their own experiences of using your product or service. This gives you lots of additional content that you can repurpose for social media posts, reviews, blogs and web content alongside an influx of valuable feedback from genuine customers.

A great example of how this can work comes from The Body Shop who reused a post by Instagram influencer Kirstie Brittain.

Screenshot (37).png

Kirstie is wearing bunny ears to promote The Body Shop’s campaign against animal testing. In the repost, The Body Shop urges their fans to join the movement by also sharing a bunny ear selfie.

Don't forget

When you reuse or repurpose influencer content, don’t forget to give the influencer proper credit. You can include it within the image itself, or in the caption or comments. Tag the influencer whose content you have repurposed and include hashtags for the event or campaign. This will not only serve to strengthen your relationship with the influencer by ensuring they get due credit and recognition for the original piece of content, it can also be a conduit to other link building and engagement opportunities.

Getting a little bit more creative with your influencer marketing campaigns can help you achieve much better results. It will also help your message to reach a larger audience, and so help boost traffic and sales.

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