20 apps to keep you organized [infographic]

Posted by Jo Cameron on 1 Jul, 2015
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You might think apps are a mere distraction when it comes to work. These 20 apps prove they're the exact opposite by keeping you, and your boss, productive and on track.

productivity apps

As most app enthusiasts will tell you, those pint sized programs are not just for crushing candy or slicing up fruit.

And despite the image above they're not just for mobile devices either. Apps can be plugged into your browser, and installed on your laptop.

The world of apps is jam packed with innovative, time saving, life saving methods for keeping you organized and productive.

And what's the harm in crushing a little candy in the enormous amount of time you've saved?

My top apps are

Carrot, because it punishes you for procrastinating with hilarious put downs.

carrot - lazy human

Evernote, because it's a classic and continues to be so useful.

Zen Day, beacuse of the 3d visualization.

Swizzle is no longer around but there are plenty of alternatives for inbox management available.

Thanks to the folks at Adeccousa for this handy infographic with lots more apps to help drive you forward.

Let us know your top time saving apps in the comments below.

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