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How to boost conversion with awesome web videos

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Gareth Davies runs through the different types of video you can use to attract more people to your website - and make more sales.

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What types of video can you make for your online business. Well there are quite a few. Here are four suggestions:

1. Product videos

QVC style product videos can work great on the web and this is a top tip for a few reasons. They allow visitors to your website to see the product in action and brings it closer to people and demonstrate the product in 3D. Also the presenter can help focus on the benefits allowing you to soft sell.

The upside is that product videos can help conversions. It’s not uncommon for conversions to uplift 30% or more when using targeted product videos on websites. So if you’re selling three units of a product a day and adding a video can make that four, video could make a big difference to your bottom line.

Channels like QVC claim to make £1m an hour here in the UK. So isn’t it time for the rest of us to take product videos seriously too?

2. About us

‘About us’ web videos can be used to tell people about the company and communicate your story. It offers an opportunity to do this in an informal way to lots of people who may never get to visit your business in real life.

People can be impatient online, so try and keep to the point. Avoid making long dull corporate videos that go on and on as the chances are good your customers will tune-out. Keep it short and sweet if you can. Think about ways you can tell your company story in a more interesting, light-hearted or engaging way.


You can help support your customer service team with web videos that provide answers to frequently asked questions.

FAQ videos can be as simple or as in depth as required. From a simple talking heads clip like this, to a full demonstration of how to use a product or replace a part.

And your customers can get the information 24/7.

4. Share news

News videos can be content related to the product you sell, or a service you provide. It could include company news, an event or a charity you are involved with.

These types of videos can be great to add to a company blog, or send out in email newsletters. They can help add a human side to your online business too.

I hope you found this information useful. For more tips then check out the other videos or buy my book "Videotastic!" by following the link on this page.

Until next time, ‘stay lucky’! And don't forget to check out my “Videotastic!” e-book for more fantastic video tips and advice.

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Gareth Davies has worked in SEO since 2002 and is now director of the SEO agency GSINC Ltd. As well as client work he also consults for the web retailer group SafeBuy and is editor of Ecommerce Monthly newsletter. Follow him on Twitter @GarethGSINC