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If your business involves connecting with other professionals, then you should be on LinkedIn Aside from being able to create a business-oriented profile for both yourself and your company, you can also take advantage of different areas of the network to connect with the right audience and, as an added bonus, generate traffic to your website.

LinkedIn is the top social network for professionals. While they might not have the same numbers as Facebook, their stats are still impressive. According to their press center, they have ...

  • 150+ million professional members around the world
  • 34+ million members in Europe
  • 8+ million members in the UK

Aside from the number of members, it ranks in as the 12th most popular site globally and the 11th most popular site in the UK according to Alexa According to Google Ad Planner, it translates to 250 million visits worldwide per month, with 37 million of those from the US (18 million from the UK).

LinkedIn has been proven to be more effective in generating leads compared to Facebook or Twitter combined, which means you are more likely to get solid business from LinkedIn than other networks. Let’s look at the many ways you can use it to build more success for your business.

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