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Get low hanging, quality links with Link Builder’s Mentions

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Wordtracker’s Link Builder tool is everything you need to make your link building as quick and efficient as possible. And it’s just got even better. In this article in a series of three highlighting how link building just got easier, I’ll be taking a look at ‘mentions’, what they are and how they can help you get some easy links.

What is a ‘mention’?

A mention is very simply when your site gets mentioned on another one, but there’s no accompanying link. So, if someone blogs "Went for the best meal at Mildred’s last night", but hasn’t linked to the Mildred’s site, that’s what a mention is. It’s really that simple, but as we’re about to see, it can be super-powerful. And a brilliant way of getting great quality links, fast.

How can Link Builder help?

There are of course millions of sites that can potentially link back to you, but most of them probably won’t. The key to successful link building is finding the sites that are most likely to. And this is why ‘mentions’ is such a great feature.

If someone talks about you, and mentions you on their site, they’re already interested in what you do. Maybe they’ve reviewed a product or service, or maybe they’ve walked into your offline store. (They’d struggle to walk into your online one.) Whatever the reason, if they mention you, they’ve really put their hand up to say “I’m interested in your company”.

Which for link building is brilliant. You can then get in touch with that site and push the relationship further. After all, you’re not asking them to do anything out of context, the content on their site is already talking about your site, you’re just asking for a link.

 How to use the Mentions strategy in Link Builder

When you’re looking at your prospects in Link Builder, just click ‘Mentions’ on the lefthand side, in the Strategies section.

Mentions in the Link Builder Strategies column

What you’ll see next is a list of sites that have mentioned you. Click on the the site you’re interested in, then over on the righthand side you’ll find the web page (URL) where the mention occurred.

Urls for Mentions in Link Builder

This is super-helpful. These sites are interested in you. Get in touch and they are highly likely to link to you, too. If you want to keep track of your tags in a more nuanced way, check out our tags feature and you can ‘mark up’ all your mentions in a way that makes them easy to group and access later on.

Here, Link Builder can help. It will automatically find the relevant contact information. Once you’ve got that, you can write an email that starts:

"Hi, I noticed you mentioned me here (URL) and bla bla bla."

Obviously that’s not all you should say.

Your email should persuade the site owner to link to you and inform them why they should. Maybe your content is awesome, maybe it would just be interesting for their readers. Whatever it is, sell it.

There’s a little bit more to it than that though. There are lots of potential reasons why your link building emails might not get a link, so don’t be disheartened if it doesn’t work all the time. Keep trying different things and see what sticks. Here are a few general pointers.

  • Make the emails personal. Imagine post comes through your letter box. What do you prefer getting - a handwritten letter or mailshot? People like receiving things designed just for them, so make it seem that way. Talk about their site, talk about pages you enjoyed reading. Make it clear that you care about them.

  • Be yourself - you don’t have to be a faceless corporate automaton. Inject some personality, maybe make a little a joke: whatever is 'you’, put it in the email. People like people, so act like one.

  • There’s no limit - you’re not writing a resume. It doesn’t need to be short and snappy. In fact, a study by SEO agency iAcquire found that longer outreach emails actually got a better response. So relax, say what you want to say. Nothing more, nothing less.

A well-written email talking about your mention will give the impression that you’re engaged with your brand, and interested in how it’s perceived. The recipient will appreciate the effort you’ve gone through crafting a personalized message and will therefore be so much more likely to link to you as a result. And you don’t even need to tell them we did all the hard work for you.

Try it out and see what sort of response you get. (And let us know please!)

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