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Why have a Google Plus business page?

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After reading about all of the advantages of Google+ personal profiles, you might be asking yourself why you would need a Google+ page in addition to your personal profile. While much of the design and functionality of the Google+ page is similar to personal profiles, there are some additional benefits to having a Google+ page. Kristi Hines explains what they are.

Google+ personal profiles are for people only

Google+ is adamant that personal profiles are for people only. Anyone who creates a personal profile for a business, brand, fictional character, or anything else aside from a real person will have their profile removed.

That said, Google+ pages can be created for anything, just like Facebook pages. This includes having pages for not only your brand or business, but also books, albums, and anything else you can think of. See Google's list of the official differences between Google+ personal profiles and pages.

Follower circles & targeted messaging

One thing that sometimes drives me up the wall with Facebook is the fact that you cannot send targeted messages to your fans, except by location. With Google+, you have the same option to add your followers to circles as you do on your Google+ personal profile. This means you can target your messages to people based on location, their role with your business (contractor, partner, employee, customer), and much more.

Imagine if you were able to put your VIP customers in a circle and entice them to become a fan of your page by offering special discounts only available to VIPs. Or imagine segmenting your customers by what departments of your brand they are interested in and sending them messaging just about those departments. The possibilities are endless, and the ability to send targeted messaging could result in higher social media conversions!

Direct interaction with fans

Another thing that is impossible to do using Facebook fan pages is directly interact with your fans. Sure you can interact with your fans once they have written on your wall or commented on your wall posts, photos, or videos. But you can't comment (or even view) public posts on their personal profiles and interact with them from or as your Facebook fan page.

With Google+ pages, once someone has become a follower of your page, your page is able to interact with the Google+ user's public profile. This means you can engage with them in a way that shows your interest in each of your individual followers as opposed to a generalized post on your own wall. Your followers will even see notifications of your page's interaction with them.

If you want a particular follower's attention, you no longer have to worry about whether they might catch your latest post in their news feed. You can now go to that follower's profile and comment on their posts, reminding them about your brand via your Google+ page!

Multiple administrators

Google+ pages can be administered by multiple administrators just like Facebook profiles. If you have been hesitant about starting up a page because you didn't know who would manage it, you don't have to worry. You can set up multiple people to manage your page now!

More real estate in search results

Want to show people how active your brand is right from search results? Now you can by directly connecting your website to your Google+ page. When someone searches for your brand, they will not only see your website listing, but also your latest Google+ activity.

This can be a huge addition to your brand's domination of search results as it will push anything past your Google+ listing further down the first page. As an added bonus, searchers who are logged in to their Google+ account can add your brand page to their circles directly from search results.

Video chat capability

Google+ is improving their Hangouts to include extras such as screensharing, Google docs integration, and shared notes and sketchpads. This means that business pages can have special video chats on their pages similar to webinars with a small group of their fans.

This is a much higher level of interaction than other networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn offer. It could be used as a great promotional tool to get more followers for the brand page by offering the first people to get into the Hangout a special discount or other incentive.

Now that you have read about some of the advantages of having a Google+ page for your business, let's look at how you can create one

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