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SEO made simple with the SEO Blogger Firefox addon

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Calling all you bloggers! Wordtracker have launched a fantastic new tool that will see bloggers writing fully optimized posts without having to leave the page. Andy Mindel (picture left) talks to Rachelle Money about how he came up with SEO Blogger and how it will benefit the blogosphere.

SEO Blogger is a free Firefox plugin that gives bloggers a mini version of the Wordtracker keyword research tool in their editing window. This means you can write your search engine friendly blog post using the best keywords Wordtracker provides without having to leave your editing page.

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SEO made simple

Andy Mindel, Wordtracker's CEO, says he wants to give bloggers a useful, uncomplicated tool that makes producing optimized posts a fluid part of the blogging process.

“Like many people, I was using one browser window for writing and one for keyword research,” Mindel explained. “Then my girlfriend, Vicky, started to blog regularly on wind energy and while she knows that keyword research is important, she didn’t like breaking the flow of her writing to worry about keyword research. It was a chore that she didn’t particularly enjoy. So I wondered if I could make it easier for her.”

That’s when he came up with the idea of SEO Blogger as a Firefox plugin. “A mini version of Wordtracker is clearly displayed on the editing screen and allows writers to instantly see the most popular keywords on what they’re writing about. It really makes keyword research easy and quick to do, and Vicky now uses it all the time.”

The image below shows SEO Blogger and Vicky’s wind energy blog open in the same browser window:

Wind energy blog

The tool also counts how many times you’ve used your chosen keywords in the copy that you’re writing. Andy says he wants bloggers to view keyword research as “part of the mix” and not an additional task which will slow down the writing of a post. The tool draws keywords from the main Wordtracker database so the quality of information is maintained.

Works for all websites

As SEO Blogger is a Firefox extension it works on any browser-based text field. So no matter what publishing platform you write with you can use Wordtracker's tool.

I put it to Andy that if someone had a blog on fashion and owned an online vintage clothing store, couldn't they use the SEO Blogger on both sites?

“SEO Blogger will help anyone optimize a single page whether it’s a blog post about wind farms or a sales pages selling a vintage dress. But that’s only an introduction to keyword research. To be really successful you need to have a considered SEO strategy. And that needs the substantial keyword research and planning that the full version of Wordtracker can provide.”

Keyword research for blogs brings more visitors

Andy thinks bloggers are beginning to understand that good keyword research helps bloggers decide what they should write about and the words they should use to attract the right visitors from search engines.

“You find a lot of good advice on SEO and keywords on sites such as Pro Blogger and Copy Blogger. The SEO Blogger tool allows bloggers to put that good advice into practice very quickly.”

Wordtracker is also planning more educational content to help bloggers with their SEO.

“We've now got a dedicated blogging channel on our academy that will show people how to use SEO Blogger and how to do keyword research. Chris Garrett has just written an article about how to use SEO Blogger. He really likes the tool and again, he's a real advocate for keyword research.”

Keep your eyes out for more articles being posted on the academy and Wordtracker would also like as much feedback as possible on the tool so remember to leave comments on our website or [Twitter us](

Chris Garrett's Business for Blogging Book from Wordtracker

About Rachelle Money

Rachelle Money is a freelance journalist based in Scotland, UK, who worked for Wordtracker from 2007-2009. She wrote extensively about keyword research, search engine optimization and link building

Rachelle is a contributor to The Web Content Recipe book

Nowadays, Rachelle is Communications Manager at Scottish Renewables.

She graduated from the Scottish School of Journalism in 2005 where she was awarded an internship with two national publications - The Sunday Herald newspaper and The Big Issue magazine.