How to use the free Keyword Tool to increase revenue

Posted by Owen Powis on 6 Sep, 2013
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Owen Powis explains how to use keywords effectively to improve your revenue

We all know you can find awesome keywords for free with the Wordtracker Free Keyword Tool, but how exactly do you turn those keywords into profit? In this article, Owen Powis will let you know how to use keywords effectively to improve your revenue.

So how do you use the Free Keyword Tool to generate more revenue for your business? Well, here are three very real ways which you can do just that. Remember as well that you get up to 50 results per search when you sign up and up to 100 if you verify your email. No credit card details or anything more than just your email address is needed.

Speaking the same language as your customers

Something we can all be guilty of, no matter what market or sector we work in, is not speaking the same language as our customers. When I say language I’m talking about the technical terminology that gets used within an industry.

This is important as it’s the language you use on page and how you choose to target your website at different terms that will define what terms you rank for. So for example, while talking about a ‘Brannock Device’ might not get you that many hits, referring to ‘Shoe Size’ instead might:

Yup, I had no idea that the device used for measuring feet was called a Brannock Device either. I doubt most people who want to find out their shoe size do either. You’d be amazed how many technical terms we use within our respective industries and just don’t realise that our customers simply won’t be looking for those terms.

Simply put, finding out the right language to use means you will be targeting more commercial terms, meaning more traffic, more conversions and so better revenue.

Seeing the opportunities for new content

Whilst we’re all thinking about Brannock Devices, here’s an interesting thing I stumbled upon whilst researching this:

We can see from using the Free Keywords Tool that ‘printable brannock device’ gets a far higher amount of searches. If you decided to target ‘Brannock Devices’ you would want to know what people are looking for around this term so you can create additional content.

Right there is a great opportunity to create some content and get ranking for a term that your competitors might not even realise people are looking for. You can then create a page around this term and start capturing targeted traffic.

Finding the quick wins

I’ve just been looking at search volumes so far, but you can get much more than that with the Free Keywords Tool. We actually give information on the amount of Competition there is for a keyword as well. Unlike the Google Adwords Planner this isn’t the level of PPC (Pay Per Click) competition but the actual level of SEO competition. Or in simple terms how hard it is to rank for this term.

Let’s have a look at our example again including these factors:

IAAT is the raw figure we derive Competition from (we like to show our workings!) and from this the final figure KEI is calculated. The Keyword Effectiveness Index is a measure of how much competition there is against how popular the keyword is. In other words how big is the opportunity for that keyword. The higher the KEI the better the opportunity. This really comes into it’s own when you’re looking at more popular terms and you need to quickly find where the opportunities are.

So here’s a search for ‘shoe size’ sorted by volume:

Now here it is sorted by KEI:

Who knew, there are loads of searches for celebrity shoe sizes, a quick check on Google trends confirms this to be true:

I’m no fashion blogger, but here we can see something people are looking for, but no one is really talking about. That’s an opportunity.

Using the Free Keywords Tool you can start looking at your market and really getting to grips with what exactly it is people are looking for. That knowledge is invaluable and although I’ve just shown three ways you can use it to help your business there are countless more.

You get up to 50 results per search just for signing up, if you verify your email address - so we know you’re a real person - we give you up to 100 results. Of course you can always sign up for the trial for the full tool and get up to 2000 results and a raft of other cool features.

Try the free Keyword Tool now!

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