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Posted by Owen Powis on 5 Sep, 2018
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Wordtracker is here with a brand new design for the tool, better results and a whole lot more. So read on to get a sneak peak.

You may have noticed a couple of small changes in the tool over the past month, as well as us removing some elements and adding others. This is because in the background we've been working on a completely new design for the keyword tool.

So, we are all very excited to introduce the new Wordtracker!

And, this is just the beginning, as we'll be making constant improvements and adding new features over the next few weeks. The new design will launch early next week and we'll send out an email to let you know when it goes live.

In the meantime, here's a walk through of some of the features that you'll be able to use very soon.

New Search functionality

We've taken on board feedback and changed the way that search in the new tool works. Now you'll be able to select all the options then search, rather than having to choose a source after entering a keyword...

This will become all the more important as further search options are added over the coming weeks.


Previously suggestions looked like this...

Now we'll be generating a much longer list of related suggestions, with their own dedicated space on the left of the page. Clicking on a suggested keyword then generates a new search on that term, so you can quickly and seamlessly delve into a new niche.



We have shown "interest over time" for a while, but now we've added sparklines which reflect actual, up-to-date information. Just hover on the sparkline to find the exact value:

Or, click on the sparkline and you'll get to see the full results:

Filtering results

We've kept the main, traditional search filters in place above the search results, but we've also broken out the filters for Including or Excluding keywords. These are lightning fast, enabling you to very quicky refine large lists to really finely targeted sets of results.


Lists are absolutely key to generating great keyword research and we wanted to bring some of their functionality onto the main workspace. So now you can add keywords to your active list much more easily, just by clicking on them, as well as seeing the most recently added terms on that list. It  makes the whole process so much faster and easier.

We've retained all the existing list management features, which you'll be able to find in the usual place; this just adds to that functionality.

What's next

We're not stopping once we've rolled the new design live; in fact that's just the beginning. High up on the list is bringing back Inspect. I genuinely don't know of another keyword research tool that uses Natural Language Processing to generate results. We want to bring it into the main tool rather than having it as a separate tool, so the results can also be merged together. We know it's a popular tool and we want to get it back up and running in the new design as quickly as possible.

We also have plans to generate more information for PPC research, which includes generating a 'PPC Matrix' for every keyword to see how it's performing. This also means we will be diverging SEO and PPC research, as there will be increasing information that's only relevant to one or the other activity. For example we now have the ability to show PPC competition as well as SEO competition. These are very different metrics and unique to each activity, so we need a way of displaying these separately and in the correct context.

The last point to add is we want to get the workflow as smooth as possible. A good keyword research tool really comes down to the ability to generate, filter and export keyword lists as quickly and fluidly as possible. We're very aware of this and are making sure the workflow only gets better with any future changes.

Release date: Imminent!

We're working hard to bring you this new version of the tool and we have a planned release for early next week. So keep an eye out for the launch email. If you're already a subscriber, don't worry, all the current functionality and data will be available in the new tool. Your account, lists and everything else will stay the same but you'll also get to benefit from this new version right from the off.

As always, we welcome your feedback and feature suggestions. Please email , or use the comments section below.


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