Amazon and eBay buying habits revealed with Wordtracker data

Posted by Owen Powis on 17 Apr, 2019
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The great thing about having access to proper search data for Amazon and eBay is that you can see just where your products will be most likely to succeed. Of course now we have all that data within Wordtracker, so let’s take a look at look at the most searched for products on each.


Amazon and eBay are both highly competitive marketplaces and if you get your product and positioning right there are large profits to be made. In fact eBay’s 2018 report showed over 1,000 eBay Millionaires in the UK alone.


It’s likely that many of these are larger companies rather than individuals running things out of their spare rooms, but with such a large number of customers and products available it’s not hard to see how eBay can be a great way of generating a little extra income for the casual user, and a full time career for those willing to put in the time and effort.


If there’s one statistic which will make you stop and think, if you’re not sure about selling on Amazon, then consider this: Amazon accounts for half of every dollar spent in the US today. So if you think there are too many vendors on it already or it’s too crowded, think again, as the audience is massive. If you aren’t selling on Amazon you’re potentially missing out on, literally, every other dollar spent in the US. 

So what’s the problem?

The number of products present in both Amazon and eBay is gigantic. Amazon US alone has over 600 million, with billions available worldwide. eBay has over 170 million active buyers online right now.

So we have these powerhouses, which give you direct access into huge marketplaces with millions of buyers. It’s now easier than ever to buy and ship products on these sites as well. The big problem has always been the data.

If you want to sell on either platform it generally requires a lot of investment in order to be able to compete with the bigger sellers, or buying into services to allow you to gain access to the data you need to understand which products are worthwhile.

That is of course up until now. Here are at Wordtracker we now have access to actual Amazon and eBay search data, with volumes. You can grab that data from our keyword tool right now, or from within the API.

However, and this is where it gets exciting, how about finding out what the most popular searches are?

Top Searches

Amazon and eBay both have distinctive patterns in the types of products which people use them for. For instance, here’s the 10 most popular eBay (US) searches:

The nintendo switch dominates and is also very popular in the Amazon data, but following that it’s mostly about iPhones. Most likely because of the strong resale value these hold and the strength of the market for Apple products. 

Let’s compare it to the top Amazon products.

It’s much more focused around high end consumer electronics and peripherals, it’s also interesting to see a lower cost item such as headphones in such high demand. That is, until you consider the next day delivery option from Amazon Prime, which explains why lower cost items you might need quickly feature heavily.

Insight becomes increasingly valuable as the data becomes more nuanced. Because the seller numbers are so huge on both eBay and Amazon there is massive value in understanding which products are popular, 1000, 10,000 or even 100,000 down the table. 

Which is why we have all of these reports available. We can create them in easy to use CSV (excel) formats for you so everything is there for you to get started.

If you would like access to more Amazon or eBay data then please get in touch. Our API is also a great place to look if you need something to power your own tools. We have reports available for up to the top 100,000 terms and if you are interested in purchasing one please just get in touch via where we’ll be happy to help.

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