Twitter analytics tips that will improve your engagement in an instant [infographic]

Posted by Hannah Byrne on 23 May, 2017
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More than half of US businesses use Twitter for marketing purposes, but many are guilty of not utilizing the tools available to make it as effective as it could be.

With 65.8% of US companies using Twitter for marketing purposes at the last count, it’s clear how important the platform is for business. A powerful tool for increasing brand awareness, interacting with customers and potential customers, and of course driving traffic to a website, Twitter’s impact has been felt right through from start-ups and SMEs, to big, corporate companies.

To make the most of the platform you need to be familiar with Twitter metrics. These indicate reach, engagement, and a whole host of other statistics important for making the most of the second-largest social network in the world.

Twitter metrics are key in helping businesses understand their followers, and in turn, create better interactions with them. Highlighting which tweets receive the most engagement and what type of content works best for your specific business, it allows users to build a hub of interaction which encourages sharing across other social platforms.

The team over at Sure Payroll has created a savvy infographic highlighting how important Twitter is for companies, and why analysing the statistics is key to making the most of the platform.




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