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Posted by Edith MacLeod on 14 Sep, 2021
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Facebook’s Q2 report highlights trends which are likely to show sustained growth.

FB Instagram Topics to Watch.

Facebook has released its Topics to Watch report for Q2, listing 6 topics of rising conversation on Facebook and Instagram in the US which it considers worth watching.

These are not the most popular topics, but those which Facebook says have shown early growth patterns similar to other topics that have sustained growth. The report highlights emerging trends, rather than transient conversations driven by celebrity or current events.

Broadly these topics of conversation reflect the impact of Covid, with people starting to meet up again and make travel plans after lockdowns.  

The report covers 3 topics each from Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook: Wedding Reception

Year-on-year growth: 1.57x
Month-on-month growth: 1.2x

Many couples postponed weddings or receptions, or held them with small numbers, due to the pandemic. This is now a rising topic of conversation as people look forward to celebrating safely with family and friends.

Facebook: Pop-up retail

Year-on-year growth: 3.59x
Month-on-month growth: 1.02x

The report says pop-up retail is “having a moment” as businesses go to where the customers are, that is to local neighbourhoods and popular travel spots. It’s an enjoyable experience for shoppers and good for businesses who can reach customers and also experiment with new products without expensive long-term lease commitments.

Facebook: Pet sitting

Year-on-year growth: 1.6x
Month-on-month growth: 1.25x

Covid lockdowns brought a surge in new pet ownership. As people start to go out more for work, travel and hobbies, there’s a growing need for pet sitters.

Instagram: Family reunion

Year-on-year growth: 3.03x
Month-on-month growth: 1.69x

This one’s no surprise - after Covid lockdowns and restrictions people are really looking forward to seeing family members again.

Instagram: Car rental

Year-on-year growth: 1.81x
Month-on-month growth: 0.97x

Due to Covid many people are choosing to avoid mass transport and demand for car rentals has risen. Facebook says there’s a shortage of available rentals and prices have soared. Conversations share experiences and tips on how to get good deals.

Instagram: Drag show

Year-on-year growth: 1.84x
Month-on-month growth: 1.41x

The report describes drag shows as “a gender-bending art form put on by drag artists, or people who dress in clothes and makeup that amplify a specific gender identity, usually of the opposite sex”. The shows provide entertainment and escapism and rose to mainstream popularity through going digital during the pandemic.

The full report also covers the demographic data driving these conversations, as well as associated and related topics.

Again, these are not the top topics on the two platforms, but emerging trends which look likely to have sustained, long-term growth.

Facebook says that based on their analysis and research of similar data patterns, their prediction is that these topics are likely to continue to grow.  So, if you’re looking ahead for new trends, these are worth keeping an eye on.

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