TikTok launches Creative Cards

Posted by Edith MacLeod on 5 Dec, 2023
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Over 100 ideas to help small businesses create fresh and engaging content.

TikTok cards.

Image: Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

TikTok has launched a new feature called Creative Cards. It’s aimed at small businesses, giving them ideas and inspiration for different kinds of content that resonate with their audience. 

The launch is timed to coincide with the holiday shopping season but can be used year-round.

“TikTok Creative Cards help you develop new ways to communicate with concise ad concepts displayed on a collection of more than 100 digital cards. With so many thought starters at the ready, it’s easy to keep your content fresh and avoid going stale, which can help you attract attention to seasonal products and gift ideas.”

Creative cards are divided into six different categories, containing over 100 ideas.

  • Holiday (23 ideas)
  • Edutainment (24 ideas)
  • Storytelling (36 ideas)
  • Creator Tools (4 ideas)
  • Community (17 ideas)
  • Trends (19 ideas)

The cards are backed up by data showing the effectiveness of the tactic, and some include video examples.  Here’s one from the Storytelling category.

TikTok is geared to reaching your audience often. These cards will be useful for those who are new to TikTok, or trying to build up an audience and promote their business there. Equally, they can provide inspiration for content to be shared on other platforms.

Access for the cards is by registration, but you can see them on TikTok for Business.

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