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Posted by Saby Salvatierra on 8 Oct, 2014
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Facebook app, bing song lyrics and Pinterest optimizing

This week you may have heard that Facebook may be working on a mobile app that will allow users to interact without using their real name. 

The New York Times reported that it is expected to be released within the next few weeks. 

Facebook seems to be protecting themselves from new social network Ello, as well as experimenting with their long-established approach to identity by releasing this stand-alone app. The aim is for people to feel comfortable to discuss sensitive issues. What do you think about this new app? Will it work, or will it just get abused?

Bing announced via their blog that users will now be able to view song lyrics quickly in search results. This new feature allows instant access to the words to your favorite songs without having to click on another source.

They are starting with 500,000 songs and plan to increase that number in the coming weeks - now that’s certainly a function I will be using.

Recently we’ve been working on our Pinterest account over here at Wordtracker HQ - so it couldn’t be better timing for Search Engine Land to refresh our Pinterest knowledge with an optimizing post

If you’re looking for some useful pointers, then check out Martin’s 6 simple tips and don’t forget his bonus one too. 

And If you’re a Pin lover, then definitely check out our boards.

Finally, here’s something pretty cool that Jo shared with me.

If you head over to Book Depository then you can actually watch thousands of people around the world buying books and getting their deliveries! 

See you all next week. 

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