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Posted by Saby Salvatierra on 6 Aug, 2014
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Suggested tweets? Apple and Samsung call it quits and our app of the week.

You may have noticed that Twitter has been quietly testing out a new feature that displays tweets on your timeline from accounts that you don’t follow. According to Mashable the social platform is experimenting with its core feature: the follow system. A Twitter user reported seeing tweets from an account he didn't follow, because the account was followed by someone he did follow.

Unless you're looking for users to follow, I doubt it's going to be welcomed by users who already spend a good amount of time cleaning their cluttered following lists. What do you think, could it work?

Apple and Samsung have been at it again, Bloomberg stated that this time the two have now agreed to drop all legal cases against each other outside the US - this means claims are being abandoned in Australia, Japan, South Korea,Germany, Netherlands, the U.K., France and Italy. A joint statement said the agreement "does not involve any licensing arrangements", and they would continue to pursue existing cases in US courts.

If you a need a quick reminder of their patent lawsuit battle, here’s the lowdown. Apple accused Samsung of copying iPhone designs and Samsung countered that Apple is using some of its wireless-transmission technology without their permission. Neither side has won and judges have advised both companies to settle rather than play out their dispute in court.

Time for our app of the week. If you’re one for video editing then Fly will be right up your street. The new iPhone app is unlike any video editor you’ve used. Create and edit a short movie by importing your videos into the app’s editor, once it's imported get ready to trim, rearrange clips, add voiceovers or any background music you like straight from your device. Then of course, it wouldn’t be complete without posting your video on instagram!

Here’s what a reviewer had to say:

I'm always looking for a better, quicker way to assemble video, photos, audio. The speed & multicam option of this app is the future of mobile video editing. Only thing missing is ability to add photos; I spoke with a rep & they said they're working on adding that. If they can add photo import with ability to Ken Burns them, I could delete all my other video editing apps. Keep an eye on this app.


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