Stuff we like 5 November 2014

Posted by Saby Salvatierra on 5 Nov, 2014
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Matt Cutts extends his leave, GIF filter for Bing, the ultimate Pinterest pinner poll and goodbye Saby.

Back in July we let you all know about Matt Cutts' Google leave, but on Saturday Matt took to Twitter again to announce that he will be extending his leave into 2015. He linked to his previous blog post where he has now added a new comment:

“When I went on leave, I wanted to see how webspam would go without me. I’ve been talking to people on both the algorithmic and manual webspam teams during my leave, and they’ve been doing a top-notch job. So I’m planning on extending my leave into 2015.”

Do you think Matt will return? Have you missed that friendly face of his? There is currently a poll over at Search Engine Roundtable - so do take a visit and have your say.

Moving on from Google and on to Bing. The search engine has finally added a GIF filter to their images. If you like GIFs as much as I do then you can now simply click the filter and you’ll be able to see a selection of them. And if you were a fan of the Carlton dance, then here’s one for you!

For all of our Pinterest lovers, Buzzfeed have put together the quiz “How do your Pinterest habits stack up?” Head over there to compare yourself to a mass of similar obsessed pinners and don’t forget to check out our boards too.

Times are changing and I think we’ve come to that point where we’re finally moving on from boring business cards. Although some may still come handy every now and then, our app of the week proves that you can have a relevant identity platform entirely online and it's looking pretty fancy too!

So how does it all work? Well first off, you can create and exchange business cards digitally. Then you’re able to share anything - like a link to your page and profile photo, or your email address and mobile phone number, just log in with your credentials, and you can instantly send your details to anyone using their phone number, email address or details - pretty cool for the old conferences!

Here's what a reviewer had to say: 

Awesome is all I can say! Wonderful app! Great way to connect with others! The staff and user are truly inspiring! I support who they're and what they freely provide for us! They don't ask for anything. Just a place for us all to share our gifts. Thank you about me! You're wonderful!

Finally, It’s time for me to say a goodbye, this is my last week at Wordtracker before I go travelling to South America in December (I'm crazy excited) It’s been an absolute pleasure running the newsletter, blog and social media this past year and I'll miss my team a hell of a lot. Good luck to Jo, who will be taking on my role - I know she'll be as brilliant as always! 



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